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When it comes to comfort food, soup is arguably near the top of the list. Warming bowls of broth, noodles, veggies and meats are flavorful and fulfilling. This includes, of course, phở and ramen, which are available in nearly endless combinations, heat levels and customizable ingredients. Visit Pearland for exceptional selections, and check out the Visit Pearland dining website for additional must-try restaurants.

Boiling Pho, 2705 Broadway: This casual Vietnamese kitchen is popular for its phở, which is available in small for $9.50, large for $10.50 or extra-large for $17.50. All sizes include a choice of up to four meats from a selection of a dozen options such as meatball, fatty brisket, chicken, seafood and lemongrass beef. Cilantro, white and green onions come standard, and additional meat servings or noodles start at $1 and go up to $7.49 per item. Other choices include vegetables, tofu and extra-long egg noodles.  

In addition to soothing soups, Boiling Pho serves starters such as crab rangoons, fried shrimp rolls, egg rolls and spring rolls, plus an assortment of entrées and sides. Visit the website for the full menu and to place online or delivery orders.

selection of ramen at Kami Ramen Bar in Pearland
A selection of ramen at Kami Ramen Bar in Pearland. Courtesy photo.

Kami Ramen Bar, 15818 South Freeway: This Memphis-based outpost for ramen and other Japanese specialties is a hot spot for flavor. There’s an impressive list of preselected ramen combinations, with plenty of extras for customizing your ideal bowl. Choose from chicken stock, pork broth or vegetable stock and thick or thin noodles. Example combos include the popular Chicken Curry with Japanese curry paste, chicken katsu, corn, marinated egg, carrot and green onions; Goyu with sliced New York strip, green onions, marinated egg, nori, chili oil, ginger, fish cake and dried chili pepper and Vegan Festival made with carrots, corn, Brussels sprouts, spring mix, bamboo shoots and broccoli. 

Most ramens start around $12.95 and extra toppings range from free for fresh garlic to $9.50 for New York Strip. Choose from 30 toppings such as fried or green onions, shrimp, avocado, mushrooms, bok choy, kimchi, spinach, pork soboro (spicy ground pork) and spicy Ilka squid. There is also an assortment of appetizers, salads, rice bowls, buns and desserts.

Roaming Ramen Noodle at NAM Noodles and More
Roaming Ramen Noodle with braised pork belly, ground pork, boiled egg, ginger and mushroom at NAM Noodles and More. Courtesy photo.

Nam Noodles and More, 2510 Smith Ranch Road: Visit the Pearland location of this Houston-area chain for modern, quick-service Vietnamese cuisine. Choose from a tight but comprehensive menu of noodle-based soups in beef, chicken, pork, seafood and vegetarian varieties. Options include The Un-Pho-Gettable Phở with eye of round, brisket, meatball and rice noodles in beef broth, Saigon Egg Noodle Soup made with barbecue pork, shrimp and egg noodles in chicken broth or The Green Phở with vegetables and rice noodles in beef broth — the vegan option is the same as the green but in a vegetable broth. There is also Jasmine Chicken Noodle Soup and Roaming Ramen Noodle, which is a pork broth filled with braised pork belly, ground pork, boiled egg, ginger and mushroom.

Additional soup options include Traditional Hot & Sour or Viet-Ton, and there are a wide variety of small plates, rice bowls, noodle platters and bánh mì, too.

creamy ramen soup
Find an assortment of ramen and other specialities at Nu’s Woodfire & Grill in Pearland. Courtesy photo.

Nu’s Wood Fire Grill, 1635 Broadway: Classic phở abounds at this local restaurant where the majority of soups feature beef in a beef broth. There are 14 selections, with a small bowl starting at $8.50 and a large starting at $9.50. Combinations include the House Special made with filet mignon, brisket, meatball and tenderloin, and assorted blends of the aforementioned meats. There is also chicken phở, seafood phở and a create-your-own option with up to three meats. Add  extra portions of meat or noodles starting at $2.50.

Additional, warming favorites include Vietnamese Udon Soup, Small Wontons Soup and Beef Stew Noodles. There are also appetizers, bánh mì sandwiches, rice bowls and plates and a large selection of vegetarian entrées.

soup in a hot stone bowl
The OJ’s Pho Hot Stone at Ong Jas Viet Kitchen in Pearland is made with beef bone broth, filet mignon, brisket, beef balls, tendon and rice noodles. Courtesy photo.

Ong Jas Viet Kitchen, 11930 Broadway: For a particularly unique phở service, check out this newcomer that opened in November 2022. The OJ’s Phở Hot Stone is an experience in which phở is presented in a hot stone bowl. The soup includes beef-bone broth with filet mignon, brisket, beef balls, tendon and rice noodles. It is $14.50 for dine-in only.

Soup is also available in regular bowls, and guests are encouraged to create their own combinations based on OJ’s Ph. It is $12.50. Additional options include Phở Ga, which is chicken noodle soup, Phở Wok made with wok-seared marinated filet mignon and a poached egg and the vegetarian Pho Chay filled with tofu, mushrooms, mixed greens and rice noodles in a Veggie Phở Broth. Extras are available such as $2 for more broth, $2.50 for a poached egg and $7.25 for five shrimp.

Round out a meal with specialty beverages such as Vietnamese coffee with or without coffee jelly, Honey Lemon Peach Tea or a variety of smoothies including mango pineapple and strawberry with optional toppings.

table with multiple Asian dishes
Beef Phở with all the fixins’ at Pho Saigon. Photo by Carlos Brandon.

Pho Saigon, 11625 Broadway: This award-winning, Vietnamese restaurant offers an impressive 22 beef phở combinations, making it a good spot when dining with folks seeking different proteins. Examples include eye round steak with well-done flank and soft tendon, eye round steak and beef meatballs, well-done flank with fatty brisket and soft tendon and skirt flank. When variety is the goal, try the Special Combination that comes with eye of round, well-done flank, fatty brisket, soft tendon, white omasum beef tripe and beef meatballs. Seafood fans can opt for a variation with shrimp, fishballs and crab stick

There are also four chicken noodle soups with dark or white meat, or a combination. Add beef selections to any soup for a customizable experience. All soups are served with fresh bean sprouts, lemon, spicy green peppers, cilantro and basil leaves. Additional menu favorites include egg and spring rolls, steamed rice plates, vermicelli and bánh mì sandwiches.

bowl of ramen with additional Asian dishes
The Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup at Super Bowl Asian Cuisine in Pearland is a house special. Courtesy photo.

Super Bowl Asian Cuisine, 4310 Bailey: This one-stop Taiwanese cafe serves a classic roster of beef noodle and ramen soups. The former include tomato, Szechuan and wonton. Ramen options are tonkotsu, miso, curry shrimp, Devil Tonkotsu and Devil Miso; the latter two are prepared with five different hot peppers. If you get lucky, you can order the Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup, which is only available on occasion due to its long prep time. It includes authentic Chinese noodles and very tender beef shanks. Customize any soup with your preferred heat level — Super Bowl can accommodate even the most ambitious chileheads and heat-cautious diners (with heat level starting at .25!). Bear in mind that only one large pot of ramen broth is prepared daily, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

There are also plenty of rice and noodle dishes, plus small bites such as Salt and Pepper Crispy Chicken, Lemongrass Wings, Kimchi and Pork Steamed Dumplings and Cha Siu Bao.

Take advantage of the weekday lunch special from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. when you can get an egg roll, miso soup and flavored iced tea with any rice or noodle dish for just $3 (excludes holidays). Super Bowl is open for lunch-only Monday through Thursday and lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday. It is closed on Sunday. Follow on Facebook for most current hours information, as they change to accommodate family obligations.

By the way: Super Bowl Asian Cuisine is just one of the fun and tasty stops along Visit Pearland’s International Cuisine Trail! Be sure and go online to register for your free digital passport, then when you visit participating restaurants, present your phone to a staff member or ask for the four-digit PIN to redeem available discounts. Also, be sure and check in with your passport to be entered into the International Cuisine Trail prize drawing!

Yoshi Sushi Ramen, 2708 Pearland Parkway: Fans rave over the ramen, which is available in three iterations and in original or spicy heat levels. Choose from tonkotsu with pork broth, pork chashu, kikurage (wood ear mushroom), seasoned egg and green onion (spicy with egg noodle); shoyu with soy-pork broth, pork chashu, kikurage, seasoned egg and green onion or Miso with miso-pork broth, pork chashu, kikurage, seasoned egg, green onion and bamboo shoots (spicy with egg noodle). All are available with additional toppings that start at $1 for butter corn, kikurage, seasoned egg and bamboo on up to $3.50 for pork chashu and $5.50 for grilled shrimp.

The menu also includes a variety of sushi and sashimi, sushi rolls and lunch bento boxes, plus sake, beer and wine.

Check out the Pearland Convention & Visitors Bureau dining website and social media for the latest updates, and follow on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. There is even a YouTube channel with videos that feature the people and places that make Pearland a great food and drink destination!

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