Whiskey River Richmond Offers Family-Style Barbecue During the Day and Dancing at Night

barbecue tray at Whiskey River Richmond


When people think “country and western dance hall,” they typically don’t also think, “great place for family dining,” but Whiskey River Richmond, located at 6535 South Peek Road (very close to Cinco Ranch in Katy) is not a typical spot. This sprawling facility includes a big, back patio that’s ideal for serving classic Texas barbecue, sides and craft cocktails with fresh ingredients.

Back Porch Barbecue by Whiskey River Richmond is family-friendly from noon until 8 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Between 8 and 9 p.m., the space starts to transition to nighttime activities for those 21 and up. “What we wanted to have was a place that families could come out and bring their kids and dog during the day on the weekends,” said co-founder Todd de La Garza of parent company August Hospitality Group. “Our patio has a cool Austin vibe. They can hang out, play games, listen to music, have a good time with their families and their neighbors and eat some really good barbecue. As we go into nighttime, it’s more of an adult vibe where people can drink some beer, dance and blow off some steam.”

bartender shaking cocktails at Whiskey River Richmond
Shaking up specialty cocktails with fresh touches at Whiskey River Richmond. Photo by Phaedra Cook.

Those who try Whiskey River Richmond’s Back Porch Barbecue menu may be surprised at how much care is put into the food. “If you’re going to go to the effort of serving food to your customers, then it needs to be the best,” said De La Garza. “What better could we do with our beautiful space than make great barbecue for the people of Richmond and Katy?” Executive chef Paul Rodriguez, who is in charge of developing menus and dishes for all of August Hospitality Group’s concepts, spent a year-and-a-half developing the smoked meat program, housemade sides and other dishes. He previously worked for Berryhill Baja Group and helped open multiple locations during his tenure.

Whiskey River smoked turkey on barbecue tray
This succulent smoked turkey may make it more of a first choice for patrons at Whiskey River Richmond instead of an afterthought! Photo by Phaedra Cook.

On that note, Rodriguez has crafted a smoked turkey that is a must-try, not just “another meat option.” It’s brined before smoking, which lends great seasoning and juicy texture. Of course, Whiskey River Richmond also serves the “Texas trinity” of dry-rubbed, smoked brisket, pork ribs and sausage. “The smoked meats get a minimum of 12 hours of slow-and-low cooking in the smoker,” said De La Garza. “After that, the total cooking time is based on seeing where the temperature is. For the briskets, for example, it depends on the size and could be 15 or 18 hours of cooking time.” Meats are cut only when ordered. “We don’t pre-cut anything,” said De La Garza. “That ensures that it stays as juicy and flavorful as possible.”

shells and cheese at Whiskey River Richmond
Cheesy pasta shells at Whiskey River Richmond — a great side for barbecue. Photo by Phaedra Cook.

Diners can choose between spicy or regular sausage and there’s also pulled pork, which is especially good doused with either the Whiskey Sauce or the Spicy Whiskey Sauce. Tangy housemade pickles are available to go alongside as well. There are also crawfish boils during the peak season. Side dishes to go alongside the barbecue range from classic to intriguing. These include fresh green beans, macaroni and cheese shell pasta, beans infused with Shiner Bock beer, crisp coleslaw and a balanced potato salad that is neither overly tart nor excessively creamy.

Whiskey River Richmond is not just a bar or a dance hall. It’s a full-fledged community hub for everyone in the Richmond and Katy to come relax, have fun, dance, watch the occasional concert and enjoy some great barbecue.

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