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The 5 Crucial Mistakes Of Food Delivery

The Mighty Pizza at Click Virtual Food Hall

The Mighty Pizza at Click Virtual Food Hall, made with pepperoni, ground beef sausage, turkey meatballs, marinara, mozzarella, parmesan, pickled peppers, mustard and oregano. Courtesy photo.

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In today’s UberEats / Doordash / GrubHub world, food delivered by third-party services is often expensive, bad and lukewarm. Here are the 5 crucial mistakes being made:

  1. 99% of the restaurants on the virtual marketplaces will always prioritize their dine-in guests first.
  2. Hot food becomes cold because the temperature is not controlled every step of the process until it arrives to your door.
  3. Your food gets packaged, then sits on a counter until a third-party delivery driver arrives. Restaurants don’t have heat-regulated storage because these are designed to deliver food directly to dine-in guests.
  4. Most third-party delivery drivers double-dip and alternate deliveries between two services. This is why you see your food waiting to be picked up for so long. It is sitting at the host stand getting cold while a driver is supposed to be picking it up, but instead they are dropping off a delivery for another company. They maximize their incomes and reduce the quality and freshness of your food.
  5. Delivery fees, Service fees, Small order fees. Third-party delivery services not only pile fees on consumers but also charge 30% of the total of the bill to the restaurant. This is to cover the massive overhead of these billion-dollar companies. You are paying more for food because of how large their companies are. The fees you pay go to CEOs, marketing, executives, bonuses — the list goes on. All this is just so you can get “hot”, “fresh” food from a local restaurant conveniently delivered.
Sideways view of stacked southwest-style quesadillas

When you order from CLICK Virtual Food Hall, the food arrives fresh — just like these savory, gooey Southwest Quesadillas. Photo courtesy of CLICK Virtual Food Hall

Here is how Houston food delivery should be done:

  • The kitchen should be designed for food delivery. They should have temperature controlled hot boxes for both incomplete orders and bags in queue to be delivered.
  • The in-house quick and efficient delivery drivers should store that food in thermal insulated bags to further extend the life span of the food during the drive to your home or workplace.
  • The food should spend less than 1 minute outside of a temperature controlled environment by the time you receive your order.
  • Chefs should train their staff the crucial differences between properly packaging pasta and fried chicken. Your fried chicken should arrive crispy, or they failed. Every dish has a different packaging procedure and this should be tested to ensure the dish is appropriate for delivery. (Not all food retains quality in transit. It’s the chef’s job to know this, not yours.)

You work hard and deserve better value as well as a hot meal. Have some free food on us.

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