Malaysian Street Food Comes To Katy — Phat Eatery Now Open!

Phat Eatery satay


What Houston Food Finder readers are already saying about Phat Eatery’s Malaysian cuisine:

• “The chicken satay skewers are TO DIE FOR! The flavors and textures are absolutely perfect. The curry dip is also incredible.”

• “The Bak Kuh Teh soup tasted like it was made with love by a sweet grandmother. It literally made me feel at home.”

• “The Sizzling Tofu was amazing — and I rarely like tofu!”

• “I loved the spicy, crunchy texture and seasonings of the Kang Kung Belacan.”

“Phat” is slang that means “highly attractive or gratifying.” That’s how owner Alex Auyeung hopes Katy diners are going to feel about their experiences at newly opened Phat Eatery. The sleek, modern space designed to evoke the street food stands of Malaysia is located in the new Katy Asian Town shopping center just off of I-10 at 23119 Colonial Parkway.

chicken satay skewers at Phat Eatery
Satay skewers roast on a special charcoal grill that Phat Eatery imported from Japan. Photo by Chuck Cook Photography.

Auyeung has over 13 years of experience in Houston’s restaurant industry. His new endeavor emphasizes Malaysian street food made with fresh ingredients. “It’s a different kind of taste than Thai, Chinese or other Asian cuisines,” says Auyeung. “Some people think Malaysian food is spicy but it is not! I think people here in Katy will love it.”

Instagrammer taing shot of Sizzling Tofu at Phat Eatery
A Houston Food Finder reader takes a shot of the Sizzling Tofu at a sneak preview dinner. Photo by Chuck Cook Photography.

The varied menu is a well-chosen selection of about 35 dishes that shows the wide range of flavors and ingredients traditionally found in Malaysian fare. “Not everything is curry,” says Auyenug. “Some dishes are very light.” Phat Eatery makes its own tofu in-house and it’s served to spectacular effect in the Sizzling Tofu dish. A searing oyster mushroom and soy sauce is poured over soft tofu on a smoking-hot pan. The tofu interior is soft like custard — a beautiful contrast to the crisped exterior.

beef rendang at Phat Eatery
Phat Eatery serves beef rendang, a classic and beloved Malaysian dish. It’s made with chunks of beef in a complex sauce with a base of coconut milk. Photo by Chuck Cook Photography.

There are meaty dishes as well, including beef or chicken satay, which are seared on a charcoal grill imported from Japan. The skewers come four to an order and are accompanied by cucumber, onion and peanut satay sauce. Phat Eatery also serves the classic Malaysian dish beef rendang. Tender chunks of beef are served in a fragrant coconut milk curry sauce that is complex, lightly spicy and deeply flavored with cinnamon, tamarind, lemongrass and several more herbs and spices.

Hainanese Chicken at Phat Eatery
Poached and deboned Hainanese Chicken at Phat Eatery. Photo by Chuck Cook Photography.

Diners are also going to appreciate the quality of the Hainanese Chicken. Served with fragrant Pandang rice, it’s half of a free-range chicken poached and conveniently deboned for easy eating. “A lot of people like chicken but don’t like having to deal with the bones,” Auyeung explained. It comes with three different sauces for dipping. (One early diner noted, “This would be great for someone on a diet — if they don’t add the sauce —yet it still has flavor.”)

At lunchtime, half of the dishes on the menu are only $9. These include Shrimp Noodle Soup, Chicken Fried Rice and curries.

Drinks include Tea Tarik, or black tea made with hot milk. It’s considered the national drink of Malaysia. Beer lovers: there are always a few brews that are $2 all day long and on-tap selections that include Love Street and Hopadillo from Houston’s Karbach brewing company.

Phat Eatery’s hours are Sundays through Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 to 9:30 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 to 11 p.m.

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