Houston Cider Co. and Bee2Bee Honey Collective Sweeten The Season With An Exclusive Special

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Houston Cider Co. and Bee2Bee Honey Collective are collaborating on a buzz-worthy new special you won’t want to miss! It is a limited-release, six-pack of cider, with each variety showcasing honey from hives in different Houston neighborhoods. Cider doesn’t get more local than this! The communities represented are Candlelight Forest, Kashmere Gardens, Mahatma Gandhi District, Seabrook, Spring Branch and Westbury. The six-packs cost $15 each or spend $25 to also receive a commemorative glass. Purchase online under the product name “Bee2Bee Collab” for pick-up or at the cidery (to-go only) from 3 to 7 p.m. Fridays and noon to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Local and national shipping is also available.

Now through December 31, the six-pack purchases include instructions for voting on your favorite neighborhood honey cider, and the winner will be announced the first week of January 2021. Houston Cider Co. will donate $500 to the neighborhood where the honey used in the winning cider was collected. The money is to fund neighborhood projects that further support the local honeybee population at the discretion of the neighborhood’s residents such as educate school children about bees, hives and honey or create bee sanctuaries.

Sipping these honey-infused ciders is like taking a tour around Houston — and might inspire customers to take interest and action relating to bee conservation and honey production. Each cider is named after its respective neighborhood and Justin Engle, owner of Houston Cider Co., explains that they are drastically different in flavor. “The Kashmere Gardens cider is the quintessential honey cider with great floral notes and honey sweetness,” he explains. “The Spring Branch honey cider has a tart berry flavor with slightly woody characteristics and the Candlelight Forest honey cider is more clove wood flavor with a pleasant earthy aroma.”

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Try the “Bee2Bee Collab” six-pack featuring ciders made from honey in six Houston neighborhoods. Each cider reflects the unique flavor characteristics of those environments. Photo by Christina Martinez

As well as being a terrific local collaboration for a worthy cause, the partnership is also an opportunity to bring awareness to Bee2Bee’s mentorship program, which educates students on urban beekeeping and provides hands-on training. So far, Bee2Bee has installed more than 100 neighborhood hives since 2016. Visit the Houston Cider Co. website for more information and to order the collaborative cider, and visit the Bee2Bee website for local honey products and more information about the organization’s mission.

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