Business Owners: Enjoy The Benefits of Uber Eats for Merchants With 0% Commission On Orders For The First 30 Days!*

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Uber Eats for Merchants is a one-stop resource for virtually all of your business goals. As a restaurant, grocery, bar or general hospitality business owner, you have a lot of “ingredients” to manage. These include product quality, human resources, advertising, customer attraction and retention and more. These essential aspects of a successful business require structure, assessment and evolution to keep your business moving in a positive direction, and the qualified teams at Uber Eats for Merchants can help. There are a variety of tools such as the Uber Eats Manager App, Uber Eats App, Uber Eats Webshop, Uber Direct and business guides to help steer your efforts toward positive outcomes and delivery experiences for you and your customers. (Read on for descriptions of what each of these tools can help you accomplish.) 

This is an ideal time to sign up, too, as new business clients receive 0% commission fees for the first 30 days* of membership. Prices are available in three levels, with corresponding fees based on business goals: accessing existing customers, increasing sales or maximizing sales.

Learn The Ropes With The Uber Eats Manager App

The Uber Eats Manager App provides basic steps to follow as you plan, create and grow your connection to Uber Eats. Find information on topics such as updating general settings, managing payments and understanding business performance.

Streamline Orders And Delivery With The Uber Eats App

The Uber Eats App is a benefit for you and your customer, by providing unique services that ultimately apply to both ends of the transaction. Customers receive personalized views that encourage and enhance their dining interests and needs based on past ordering history and location. They also get suggestions based on factors that are directly impacted by your restaurant: ratings/reviews, delivery zones and how long your business has been in operation. The exciting part is that you can use the data to improve delivery efficiency, product quality and customer satisfaction, and positively influence the customer’s customized app experience.

When it comes to delivery, you can choose delivery people using the Uber Eats platform, your own staff or a combination. Your selection influences factors such as delivery zones and customer experience (if a customer chooses to “share” a delivery person with another customer using the same restaurant, their delivery fee is waived). You can opt-out of delivery with pickup options instead, and still track every part of the order process via the app. With the pickup option, customers order through the app, Uber Eats processes the order and the customer gets their order at the restaurant.

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Review and improve analytics, customer satisfaction and delivery efficiency with tools available from Uber Eats for Merchants. Courtesy photo.

Control Every Service Element With Uber Eats Webshop

Another method for building your business and increasing customer options is by integrating your business website with an Uber Eats Webshop. Use the shop alone, or in addition to the Uber Eats App. It serves as an ordering platform conducted through your existing website and streamlines the ordering process for customers. Orders are placed on a customized webpage and sent to your existing POS system or another interface that you currently use to receive Uber Eats orders. 

As with the app, the Webshop allows access to customer data (dependent on customer opt in), and other benefits. It also lowers commission fees for orders placed through your website. In order to use the Webshop without the app, contact your Uber Eats for Merchants expert for assistance.

Simplify Large Deliveries With Uber Direct

For goods that demand especially quick and consistent delivery, Uber Direct is an unparalleled asset. Use it for same-day delivery of oversized items (equivalent in size to a large suitcase), merchandise up to 50 pounds and mixed categories of products in one order. The sender may also request returns on items if the delivery person cannot find the dropoff location. Uber Direct is a valuable alternative to other delivery services.

Access Ongoing Support From Uber Eats for Merchants Experts

The Uber Eats for Merchants Learning Center (accessed under the Resources tab of the web site), is an invaluable asset to business owners. It provides tips on running your site more efficiently, order management and how to resolve ordering issues, among other critical topics. There is even a Merchant Academy section, which details “lessons” within various categories such as analytics and insights (tracking downtime, order errors, top-sellers and low-demand items that may merit removal), building customer relationships, business promotion and advertising and more. There are additional sections that address improving restaurant ratings and how to do so, how to report accurate food prep time to ensure correct ETAs for delivery people and menu update strategies.

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Use the Uber Eats for Merchants Manger App to get the most out of your membership.

Partnering with Uber Eats for Merchants grants you a smorgasbord of tools, resources, person-to-person feedback and guidance, innovative delivery options, effective analytics, marketing strategies and more. Take advantage of the new-customer offer that grants you 0% commission for your first 30 days*, so you can test-run the services while retaining as much profit as possible. Visit the Uber Eats for Merchants website for more information and to get started! 

*Offer only valid via submission form for a limited time, and subject to change pursuant to the terms of the restaurant agreement.

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