8 Must-Try Asian Restaurants In Pearland

Bento Box with chicken, rolls, and fried rice


Discover a world of Asian flavors in Pearland where you can explore authentic Filipino, Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and other international cuisines, including unexpected combinations. There are spicy curries, rich soups, loaded sushi rolls, fusion egg rolls, local seafood, teas and much more. Plan your journey with this list, and go to Visit Pearland to find more great Asian restaurants to enjoy!

bowl of mixed seafood with crab legs and shrimp
The massive Dragon Platter at Boiling Dragon in Pearland comes with two pounds each of snow crab and shrimp, plus corn, sausage and potatoes all doused with housemade garlic butter. Photo courtesy of Boiling Dragon.

Boiling Dragon, 11625 Broadway: Chef-owner Harold Wong opened his casual seafood spot in summer of 2020 and kept it not just afloat, but growing, through the pandemic. Fans love his selections of fresh-catch fish and seafood, housemade soups, po’ boys and more. 

Try starters such as tempura fried Fire Cracker Shrimp tossed in a sweet and spicy Korean aioli, edamame spiked with garlic butter or campechana loaded with fresh shrimp, krab stick, lump crab, olives, onion and avocado. Seasonal boiled seafood is sold by the pound at market prices, and available in three heat levels and six flavors, such as Thai basil and garlic butter. Choose from shrimp, snow crab, crawfish and blue crab, or try a combination with the Captain’s Feast, which comes with snow crab, 10 shrimp, blue crab (when available), corn, potatoes and sausage. There are baskets, too, filled with a choice of catfish, tilapia, shrimp, oysters, chicken wings or chicken strips; each comes with French fries. New this year are po’ boys, which are filled with shrimp, crawfish, oyster, catfish, soft shell crab or chicken. Sandwich alternatives include four kinds of bao, which is a steamed bun stuffed with a variety of fillings. Try the Peking Chicken with fried chicken, cilantro, pickled garlic cucumber, Japanese mayo and Peking sauce or Lil Miss Piggy with slow-braised pork belly, cilantro, peanuts and pickled mustard greens. 

There are plenty of sides from which to choose, too, such as garlic fries, egg rolls, hush puppies and more. Visit for dine-in and takeout, or order delivery from DoorDash and (soon) UberEats. Note: due to the pandemic and market variations, certain menu item prices are variable. Please contact the restaurant for current prices, including those on lunch specials.

storefront of restaurant
Choose from more than 40 sushi rolls at Kappa Japanese & Chinese Cuisine in Pearland. Photo by Rebekah Burns.

Kappa Japanese & Chinese Cuisine, 9415 Broadway: This family-friendly locale has an extensive menu of Japanese and Chinese dishes available for dine in, takeout, and all-day delivery ($20 minimum required for delivery)! Try sashimi, sushi and more than 40 handcrafted rolls, such as the deep-fried Phoenix Roll with spicy tuna, salmon, avocado and crab meat topped with special sauce, green onion and fish eggs, or the Caterpillar Roll with cucumber, avocado, eel sauce, shrimp and sesame seeds. Try a variety with a combo plate. 

There are also fresh tempura fried vegetables, rice and noodle dishes, soups and salads. The daily lunch Bento Box Special is $12.95 and includes fried or steamed rice, one side dish (such as wonton soup, ginger salad or egg roll) and choice of General Tso’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Shrimp Tempura Box & 3 Pieces Tuna Sashimi, Teriyaki Beef and Teriyaki Chicken. Visit the website for the full menu and to order online.

two colorful sushi rolls
Dine on all-day sushi, hibachi and custom Mongolian bowls at Mongo in Pearland. Photo courtesy of Mongo Grill.

Mongo Grill, 11200 Broadway: This local kitchen opened over a decade ago and is most known for its build-your-own Mongolian bowls. The menu at this hip destination is brimming with additional all-day options, including sushi, sashimi, Hibachi dishes and more. Most dishes are well under $15, too, making it a good spot for lunch or dinner. Starters include traditional bites such as cheese rangoon, regular or spicy edamame and egg rolls, plus American-style go-tos, such as regular and mango-habanero Buffalo wings and French fries

Choose from more than 15 sushi and sashimi selections for $3 and $4 per two-piece order, respectively, along with 35 specialty rolls loaded with seafood, vegetables, sauces and seasonings. Try the Mexican Roll with snow crab, avocado and cucumber topped with tuna, super-white tuna, more avocado, honey wasabi sauce, tomato and cilantro; New Orleans Roll with spicy crawfish, cucumber, pepper tuna, avocado and spicy mayo; or Texans Roll with spicy salmon, avocado, pepper tuna, ponzu sauce, chili oil, green onion and sesame seeds. 

Hibachi grill entrées include a choice of base proteins from chicken, salmon, shrimp, New York strip, filet mignon and lobster & shrimp, and come with rice and mixed vegetables. Get a mix of tastes and textures with eight Bowls that blend flavors and textures such as Shanghai Noodle with scallions, onions, cabbage, mushrooms, bean sprouts, eggs, chicken, shrimp, beef, ginger, garlic, sweet teriyaki sauce, soy chili garlic sauce and Shanghai noodles, and Mongolian Seafood with green peppers, carrots, onions, pineapple, green bean shrimp, scallops, calamari and soy chili garlic sauce. Other entrées can be served on top of rice or noodles, such as Mongolian BBQ with broccoli, onions, peppers, mushrooms, ginger, beef and a hot chili barbecue sauce, and Zesty Orange Chicken with veggies, pineapple, Mandarin oranges and chicken in an orange ginger sauce. 

There are also smoothies and milk teas in flavors such as honey dew, strawberry and coconut. Visit for happy hour for specials on beer, wine, sake and frozen margaritas available in flavors such as mango, lychee, peach and watermelon. Dine in or order online for pickup. 

colorful bowl of chopped chicken with vegetables
The most popular dish at Pepper Twins in Pearland is the appropriately named Pepper Twins Chicken, and is available in a range of spice levels. Photo courtesy of Pepper Twins Pearland.

Pepper Twins, 9721 Broadway: There are four locations of this acclaimed kitchen that Sichuan, China native Dr. Yunan Yang first opened in Houston. Pearland is the most recent addition. Fans love the flavorful dishes made with mouth-tingling Sichuan peppercorns (imported from Yang’s hometown!) and potent Thai chilis. Pepper Twins won Best of the Best in 2021 by readers of the Houston Chronicle in the Chinese Restaurant category. 

Each menu item includes an icon denoting ingredient highlights such as custom spice levels, gluten free and “premium, farm raised, homemade”. The Pepper Twins team focuses on high-quality proteins and vegetables, sourcing locally when possible. Learn more about Yang’s culinary philosophy on the website

Try the top-selling Pepper Twins Chicken spiked with peppercorns, jalapeños, red and green bell peppers, onion and garlic, and explore plenty of other Sichuan style Chinese delights. Savory starters include Red Oil Dumplings, spring rolls and BBQ Sauce Pork Ribs that contrast with crisp Persian Cucumber Salad. Entrées include a variety of beef, chicken, pork and seafood-based dishes such as Mountain City Hotpot with mixed vegetables and choice of meat, Mustard Tofu with Pork and Sautéed Spicy Beef Tendon. Choose from six noodle options such as Dandan Noodles or Braised Pork Chops Noodles, and pineapple fried rice with choice of meat, seafood, vegetables or combination.

For an interesting drink to go alongside your meal, try the Chinese Herb Juice or a bottle of fruit-flavored Japanese Ramune, listed on the menu as Marble Soda (it is manufactured with a marble in the neck to help retain carbonation).

Chinese beef and broccoli
Visit Tang’s Kitchen in Pearland for essential Chinese dishes. Photo courtesy of Tang’s Kitchen.

Tang’s Kitchen, 2975 Kingsley: This bright and modern destination serves up a daily menu of craveable Chinese mainstays. Kick things off with the Bao Bao Tray that comes loaded down with two each of egg rolls, B.B.Q. ribs, crab rangoons, fried chicken wings, teriyaki chicken skewers, butterfly shrimp, sweet & sour chicken and beef sticks. It costs just $11.95 and offers a delightful way to whet the appetite. Follow it up with popular meats such as sesame chicken, Mongolian beef and sizzling black pepper beef or 32 lunch specials that come with steamed or fried rice and cost $8.95 or less, such as orange chicken, moo goo gai pan, and cashew shrimp. There are a variety of “Diet Dish” options, too, which include steamed entrées with vegetables such as tofu, scallops, seafood and chicken. Visit for dine-in, call (713) 340-3198 for carryout or order online. Delivery is available for a $15 order minimum. 

Plate of fried fish smothered in saucy stir fried vegetables
Sweet and tangy tamarind sauce perks up Crispy Snapper, which is one of the most popular dishes at Thai Spice in Pearland. Photo courtesy of Thai Spice Pearland.

Thai Spice, 9811 Broadway: This Houston mainstay first opened in 1995, and there are now six area locations that reflect each franchisee’s  personal tastes. It is open daily for lunch and dinner. 

Choose from starters such as the steamed Royal Dumpling with chicken and shrimp (four per order), fish cake, sate chicken with peanut sauce and assorted sushi rolls including a deep-fried Winter Cheese Roll stuffed with cream cheese, onion and mushrooms. In addition, there are soups and salads for a light start to any meal.

There are 16 entrées, such as the fan-favorites Crispy Snapper, which is a red snapper filet dressed with a sweet and tangy tamarind sauce, the Surf and Turf Fried Rice with beef and fried shrimp, and Soft Shell Crab Green Curry. Each entrée comes with jasmine rice, and upgrades include substitutions of brown rice, noodles, or steamed vegetables, and protein swaps of beef and seafood. 

Fried rice and noodle dishes are must-trys, too, such as the Original Fried Rice that comes with chicken and shrimp, and the ever-popular Pad Thai loaded with peanuts, eggs, sprouts, onions, chicken and shrimp. 

Visit Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for a choice of a dozen lunch specials that include an appetizer, house salad, soup, entrée and jasmine rice. Many are under $10, such as Pad Thai, Summer Palace (minced meat stir fried with green beans & chilis, garlic, onions and basil), Crispy Snapper topped with eggplant and a special herb chili sauce, Sticky Wings and five variations of Curry With Coconut Milk. There are $6.99 kids’ meals, too, that come with a choice of chicken nuggets, crispy shrimp or crispy fish with French fries or fried rice. Most dishes are available with custom heal levels: Little Spicy, Medium Spicy, Spicy and the off-menu Madly Hot. Many items are available gluten free and vegan, too, upon request.

Call (713) 436-1777 or (713) 436-9477 for takeout, and place delivery orders online via third party services.

Frozen drink layered with white, red and purple ingredients
The Hilo Hilo dessert at TJ Filipino Cuisine in Pearland is a cool, creamy, fruity, layered treat. Photo courtesy of TJ Filipino Cuisine.

TJ Filipino Vietnamese, 1826 Country Place Parkway: This locale has served an extensive menu of authentic Filipino dishes to Pearlanders since 2006. There are vegetable options such as sautéed bitter melon and chayote, fried eggplant and fresh spring rolls filled with an assortment of savory flavors. The perennially popular, vinegar-based Adobo sauce is available with pork, chicken or a combination, and there is also crispy, deep-fried Lechon Kawali (pork), and addictive, crunchy-tender Crispy Pata (pig leg). 

Beef, chicken and seafood are available, too, with a variety of selections such as Kare-Kare (beef stew made with thick and rich peanut sauce), beef broccoli, tempura shrimp, assorted fried fish, Chicken Pineapple, and several kinds of fried rice. There are desserts, too, such as flan, empanadas, Cassava Cake, Puto (steamed rice cakes), Pichi Pichi (grated cassava, sugar and toppings) and more. Order for dine in, carry out and catering.

Bento Box with chicken, rolls, and fried rice
Discover a multitude of fusion dishes at Wrap & Roll in Pearland, including 10 combinations of Bento boxes such as the Asiate Box pictured here with rice, honey spinach chicken, egg rolls and salad. Photo courtesy of Wrap & Roll.

Wrap & Roll, 8209 Broadway: Satisfy a multitude of international flavor cravings in one place with an extraordinarily extensive menu of fusion fare spanning Vietnamese, Italian, French, Chinese, Mexican, Korean, American and Japanese cuisines. Fans flock to the hip kitchen for inventive riffs on traditional dishes. Most menu items can be modified for special preferences, too, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, low carb and low sodium.

There are 23 rice and noodle bowls, nine fusion egg rolls and spring rolls — including the Spreggroll, which is an egg roll wrapped inside a spring roll with three sauce layers: peanut sauce, spicy Mayo and tamarind (pictured in the above Asiate Box). There are 13 wraps including the popular Honey Spinach Chicken Crepe Wrap (lettuce, pickled carrot, cranberry and spicy mayo with your choice of protein tucked into a choice of regular or spinach tortilla) and Epic Wraps, which are all-in-one combos of meat, fried rice and an eggroll. There are also fusion burgers and fusion fried udon, 10 different Bento Boxes loaded with savory combinations, and French fries loaded with toppings. Try the Aioli Fries topped with grilled chicken, Parmesan cheese, garlic aioli sauce, BBQ and chipotle sauces and scallions, or Fusion Fries made with cheese sauce, spicy mayo and sweet “chilly” sauce topped with ribeye steak meat and one topping; upgrade with extra green onion, grilled onion, chopped onion, jalapeños or a fried egg. 

There are plenty of sweets as well, which focus mostly on gelato-based selections such as Limoncello Flute made with lemon gelato, Mango Flute with guava gelato and mango sauce, and other Italian specialties like mascarpone with chocolate cream, creme brulee and tiramisu.

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