Whataburger is Giving Away a Free Burger via its App in August 2023

Active Whataburger app users will be able to claim a free burger on August 7 and 8.

Whether or not you think it’s Texas’ favorite burger chain, you might want to download the Whataburger app for iPhone or Android and mark your calendar for August 7 or 8. Those are the days that the company is giving anyone who’s an “active user” of the app (must have ordered with it in the past year — you have time to handle that) one free burger. No additional purchase is necessary to claim the free burger. Not all locations may be participating, so check the app to see which ones are. 

Additionally, the company is donating considerable cash to alleviate hunger among school-aged children. It’s all part of the burger chain’s planned festivities for its self-designated “National Whataburger Day” on August 8. 

first Whataburger
The first Whataburger was established by Harman Dobson in 1950. Courtesy photo.

Whataburger was founded by Harmon Dobson in 1950. In June 2019, the Dobson family sold the majority stake to BDT Capital Partners, a Chicago investment firm. However, the company is still headquartered in San Antonio. BDT Capital Partners has expanded Whataburger considerably — it’s now in 14 states — and it just announced a two-story location at the Waldorf Astoria hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

One National Whataburger Day, the company’s charitable arm, Whataburger Feeding Student Success, is donating $73,000 ($1,000 for each year in business) to All for Lunch. The money will be used to pay off the school lunch debts of kids who live where Whataburger has locations. Additionally, Whataburger is partnering with Communities In Schools to collect supplies for, build and donate hygiene kits for kids in its home office-city of San Antonio. 

Whataburger storefront
A Whataburger with its iconic orange-and-white-striped motif. Courtesy photo.

Whataburger is also using the day to embrace an odd quirk of some in-person visitors. Did you know it’s common for people to steal the plastic, orange-and-white striped table tents? It happens so frequently that the company not only expects to have to continually replace these, but it actually sells table tents with special messages on its online merchandise shop, Whatastore.com. Guests who visit Whataburger in person on August 8 will receive a table tent souvenir that reads, “National Whataburger Day” while supplies last. Until they run out, these will also be given to those who buy something from the online store that day. 

Those who decide to hit up a Whataburger and want to share about it on social media will find a special National Whataburger Day-themed AR filter on the company’s Instagram page. Post using the hashtag #NationalWhataburgerDay. 

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