Restaurateurs Behind Doris Metropolitan & Hamsa Plan New Houston Restaurant 

The bar at Doris Metropolitan in Houston

Sof Hospitality, the restaurant group that operates Israeli steakhouse Doris Metropolitan, Hamsa and Badolina Bakery, are bringing a new concept to the Montrose Collective building late this summer. It’s an “elevated Mediterranean” restaurant called Októ, and it’s taking over the space formerly held by The Chelsea at 888 Westheimer. The address inspired the name, which means “eight” in Greek. Sof Hospitality, owned by Itai Ben Eli and Itamar Levy, was a semifinalist in the Outstanding Restaurateur category this year. 

“There’s a growing demand for more personal, intimate and exceptionally executed dining experiences,” said Eli via a press release. “Októ is more than a restaurant; it’s a culinary destination where quality meets intimacy, and every detail is carefully considered to provide a memorable dining experience in the heart of Houston.”

The bar at Doris Metropolitan in Houston
The bar at Doris Metropolitan in Houston. Photo by Kirsten Gilliam.

Chef Yotam Dolev, culinary director of Sof Hospitality, and chef Hai Avnaimhe will take culinary inspiration from countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and the Levant, a historical region now consisting of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.  The menu will have about a dozen dishes and change seasonally.

The bar program promises craft cocktails and “eclectic spirits” that can’t be found elsewhere in Houston. On the wine side, expect a curated list focused on small producers.

Lindsay Madrigal of LM Designs is designing the interior of the 4200 square-foot space. The goal is to create an atmosphere that is “scenic” and “lively.” One scenic aspect will be the sizable, windowed kitchen. In the dining room, sliding glass doors will lead to a large patio.

Chef Hai Avnaimhe of Sof Hospitality
Chef Hai Avnaimhe of Sof Hospitality. Photo by Shane Dante.

While the hours have not been specified, the owners say that Októ will stay open a little later than other restaurants in the area. The goal is to provide a little haven for fellow industry workers getting off the dinner shift as well as people in search of a nightcap.

“[Októ] is something, of course, we are really excited about,” said Eli. “As a restaurant group, we have extensive experience traveling around the world. Right now we’re working on conceptualizing the menu and narrowing it down to our must-haves based on the rich, Mediterranean culture.” 

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