Popular Houston Bagel Shop Hires Award-Winning Chef

Boasting brisk business and loyal customers since Gregg Goldstein and Katz Coffee owner Avi Katz opened it in late 2017, Golden Bagels & Coffee at 3119 White Oak now has bragging rights for one more achievement. It’s now also the home of one of Houston’s women chefs. Jane Wild, formerly of The Dunlavy (which, according to the website, is temporarily closed), is also acting as director of operations and plans to not only maintain high quality for the shop’s beloved bagels, but also start put her own stamp on the menu. Wild won the Edible Houston Best Chef award in 2019 by popular vote.

“Many chefs lost their homes [jobs] through this COVID pandemic, and I am just crazy-excited to start this new project where I’m a part of the energy, from food to interacting with customers day-in and day-out,” she said via press release.

Wild earned the attention of Tomball residents and area foodies at the cozy John & Jane Dough Bakery, which sadly closed in November 2018.At The Dunlavy, she focused on crafting wholesome dishes featuring locally-sourced ingredients. That background seems to make her a good fit for Golden Bagel, which eschews dough conditioners, chemicals, or preservatives in its bagels, opting instead for a more natural product. The company also makes seasonal baked goods traditionally served during Yom Kippur and Hanukkah, lox — in the forms of both uncured and smoked (Nova) salmon — and sandwiches.

Chef Jane Wild with an assortment of bagels at Golden Bagel. Photo by Aleksandr Nicolai.

One of the first changes Wild says she’s making to the menu is to add more vegan baked goods in addition to the bagels. In addition, she’s creating accompaniments suitable for vegans, including vegan “lox”, sunflower seed cream cheese, vegetable and nut spreads.

Wild is expanding the lunch-worthy selection, too, adding seasonal salads and grain bowls with in-season produce. Also planned are drink additions such as tea tonics, kombuchas and turmeric-infused juice shots.

Later on, Wild is hoping to host special events, such as collaborations with other Houston chefs, in-person classes and seated dinners. For now, though, in order to keep customers and employees safe during the COVID pandemic, Golden Bagels & Coffee is operating as to-go only with limited hours. Those are Wednesday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Online ordering is available on the website.

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