Peli Deli Announces Opening Date For Downtown Houston Location

The owners of South African restaurant Peli Peli have announced that their downtown location, Peli Deli, will open to the public on Monday, March 27 in the Esperson Building at 808 Travis in the former Murphy’s Deli space. It’s located on the first level above the street-level escalator. The week before will be its soft opening phase.

Conceptually, Peli Deli is closest to the group’s recently opened casual concept, Peli Peli Kitchen. Like that location, Peli Deli features vibrant artwork—both hanging and painted on the walls—from Jon Garner. Unlike the pop culture theme at Peli Peli Kitchen, the art at Peli Deli features a mix of people and architectural elements.

Peli Deli art wall
As is the case at casual eatery Peli Peli Kitchen, Peli Deli features vibrant artwork from Jon Garner. Photo by Thomas Nguyen

Peli Deli’s menu features naan tacos, toasted banh mi-panini hybrids (“banh-ninis”), South African-style calzones called “perogens,” oxtail soup, soufflés and salads. It will also offer hot dogs made with boerewors, or traditional South African sausage. Drink selections include Katz coffee, craft beer and South African wine.

There’s a dessert twist as well, sticky toffee cookies, that use the longtime Peli Peli favorites as inspiration.

Peli Deli will be open for breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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