Not Too Chicken At All: Fielding’s Owner Is Opening A Third Restaurant In The Woodlands

Cary Attar

Cary Attar, the restaurateur behind Fielding’s Wood Grill in The Woodlands and Fielding’s Local Kitchen + Bar just a few miles away, is preparing to open a third restaurant, Fielding’s Rooster. It will be located in the former La Bikina space at 4223 Research Forest Drive. As the name suggests, this one is largely about poultry, but Attar promises steaks, burgers and “a fresh fish program,” too.

To get the new space ready, the patio is being revamped and the front entrance features a wood-burning rotisserie. Attar intends to burn a blend of woods, including pecan, mesquite and oak in it. The tables are made of wood refinished and sealed after being reclaimed from a corn crib and hay barn that was originally built in 1928. There’s also a mirror reclaimed from the same barn.

Fielding's Rooster rendering
This architectural rendering shows the iPad bar at Fielding’s Rooster in the back. It’s a feature of Fielding’s Wood Grill as well, and it’s much appreciated by parents and their children. Rendering by Aria Group Architects, Inc.

Attar says he is also completely redoing the bar area.He is also having the bar booths custom made, “because you want to spend as much money as humanly possible,” he joked.

There will be a dividing wall between there and dining room. Six mounted televisions will seal the restaurant’s reputation as a casual hangout—a good place to watch big sports games. The parents can kick back and sip on frozen variations on classic cocktails like Negronis and Gin & Tonics while the kids amuse themselves at an iPad bar like the one that’s already present at Fielding’s Wood Grill. There’s also a wine program overseen by sommelier Ben Harris (who has worked with Attar for quite some time now) that will feature varieties that go well with roasted chicken, as Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc.

Fielding’s Rooster is set to open in mid-July.

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