New Houston Restaurant Rodeo Goat Brings The Beef To The East Side

Given the recent crop of new “craft burger” restaurants popping up in Houston over past two years (most notably HopDoddy Burger BarBuffBurger and the Shake Shack at the Galleria), it seems that Houston’s love affair with the beefy sandwich is insatiable. In March, another contender for Houston’s burger affections entered the market. Rodeo Goat Ice House opened its first location outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Houston. It’s at 2105 Dallas at Saint Emmanuel, alongside Chapman & KirbySeaside Poke and the soon-to-open trifecta from Agricole Hospitality.

Rodeo Goat’s open kitchen. Photo by Beth Levine.

There are 20 burgers to choose from, including vegetarian, chicken and fish menu options in addition to being able to substitute turkey and quinoa patties in any item. The selections include classics like The River Oaks C.C., with lettuce, beefsteak tomato, onions, pickle, cheddar, mayo and mustard as well as burgers named for famous Houstonians like the Marvin Zindler with Applewood smoked bacon, jalapeños, fried onions, pickle chutney and house-made barbecue sauce. The vegetarian Billy F Gibbons is made with brown and red quinoa, barley, radish and mushrooms. There are so many to choose from, that it can almost be overwhelming. Thankfully, the staff is well educated on the menu and can help first time diners navigate it.

The 44 Farms meat for the beef patties is ground on-site, hand-formed and are on the juicy side, especially some of the more complex burgers like the Luv Ya Blue. That one is proportionally stacked with multiple, deeply flavored layers, including blue cheese coleslaw, caramelized onions and blue cheese crumbles. The garlic herb mayo ensures the ingredients hold together, instead of falling out the back of the bun. Speaking of buns, Rodeo Goat’s buns are baked fresh daily and hold up well, not getting too soggy even on burgers adorned with multiple toppings.

Two of Rodeo Goats signature burgers with Hand Punched Fries and Goat Chips. Photo by Beth Levine.

Another popular burger on the list is the Whiskey Burger, with Irish whiskey cheddar, candied bacon, blueberry compote, lettuce and whole-grain mustard.

Rodeo Goat’s burger prices range from $8.50 for some of the non-beef options like the Neil Young (a homemade vegetarian patty with all the fixings) to $11.50 for the Royale With Cheese topped with chopped onions, jalapeño bacon, mustard and “spiked” ketchup.

In addition to burgers, Rodeo Goat also offers a selection of ample appetizers with choices like Cheese Fries Surprise (the surprise is the size and daily topping selections) and housemade brisket chili. Those looking for a slightly smaller side dish can get the hand-punched fries. These are made from cured Idaho potatoes that are blanched, fried to crispy perfection, then seasoned with parsley, kosher salt and a touch of pepper. There are also housemade Goat Chips (Rodeo Goat’s version of potato chips) with a slightly sweet seasoning comprised of sugar, pepper and paprika. The appetizers are all under $10 dollars and the sides are under $4 dollars.

To go with the big selection of well-made burgers, Rodeo Goat offers an impressively large beer list with over 90 selections. Roughly 20 of them are rotating Texas beers on draft; about 40 American craft beers come in bottles and cans. The drink menu also features 10 cocktails with signature selections like the B-L-TX with blackberries, lemonade and TX Whiskey and the Moontang with Firefly Moonshine blended with Tang (yes, the powdered orange breakfast drink). Beers range in price from $3.50 to $6.50 and the cocktails from $6 to $9. There is also a decent selection of red and white wines by the glass.

If you have any room left after all this, Rodeo Goat offers three desserts. Goat Balls (fried balls of brie with blackberry compote), milkshakes (vanilla, Dutch chocolate, cookies & cream, thin mint, salted caramel & pretzel) and two fried pies: chocolate and pecan.

Even though there’s no shortage of burger joints in Houston, Rodeo Goat is well worth the visit — and the calories.

Rodeo Goat Ice House is located at 2105 Dallas and open Sundays through Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to midnight. Note: The kitchen stops serving one hour before closing. 

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