Malaysian Hot Spot in Katy Asian Town Center is Already Doubling its Footprint

Phat Eatery dining room

Just one year after opening, Malaysian restaurant Phat Eatery at 23119 Colonial Parkway is already about to double in size. At a party celebrating the business’s first anniversary, owner Alex Auyeung announced to the crowd that work is already underway to take over an empty space on the south side of the shop.

In a response to an inquiry from Houston Food Finder, Auyeung said, “The expansion construction should start around September. There will be a closing-down period of approximately one to two weeks for final touches, staff training and complete re-inspections. It will bring our capacity to double, which is about 100 including the bar.”

Hainanese Chicken at Phat Eatery
Poached and deboned Hainanese Chicken at Phat Eatery. Photo by Chuck Cook Photography.

Phat Eatery has been one of the highest-profile restaurants to emerge at Katy Asian Town center. In fact, the expansion news leads a story at the Houston Chronicle today about how Katy is no longer just a hub for chain eateries. In addition, in February this year, the Malaysian restaurant earned the attention of (and good review from) the paper’s restaurant critic, Alison Cook, who realized that the success and sophistication of the growing food scene in burgeoning town just outside of Houston meant she was “going to have to stop making Katy jokes.”

When the time comes for Phat Eatery’s one-to-two week shutdown period for retooling due to the expansion, we’ll update this article.


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