La Vista Closing In The Spring To Reopen In A New Location [Updated]

Greg Gordon of La Vista

La Vista owner and chef Greg Gordon has announced that after 19 years, he is closing the Briargrove restaurant in favor of relocating elsewhere. A specific date was not stated but the changeover is slated to happen next spring. He was quoted as saying, “This is an opportunity to create something big and to reshape the menu to fit our space and not the other way around.”

Leading up to the closing, the popular BYOB spot will have monthly “throwback” specials and make some old favorites available again. “We want to showcase some of the classics along with throwback prices, dishes that people remember enjoying here back in the nineties,” said Gordon. Update, 12/21/16, 9:51 a.m.: We’ve been informed that Gordon does not plan to offer BYOB at the new location.

He also plans to publish hints about the new concept and location on the highly visible marquis in front of the restaurant.

La Vista is known for its eclectic and often humorous menu that includes classic Italian and Southern fare, as well as “Samachez” (paninis made with focaccia) “Mama says ‘Eat Yo Greens’” (salads) and “Lunchy Dinner Stuff” including the “BLT on Roids.”

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