Join Houston Food Finder and Axelrad Beer Garden For A Flavor Trippin’ Party!

On Tuesday April 17th at 6:30 p.m., Houston Food Finder and Axelrad Beer Garden are co-hosting a Miracle Fruit Flavor Trippin’ Party. If you’ve never been to one, this is your opportunity to taste foods like never before. Tickets are available online for $35 and include gratuity and a $2 donation to the Harris County Animal Shelter.

The miracle fruit (also known as miracle berry) is a small red fruit native to Ghana. It contains miraculin, a glycoprotein that binds to sweet receptors on the tongue and alters taste buds. For being roughly the size of an almond, this berry packs a wicked, taste-altering punch. Acidic and sour foods will have an enhanced sweetness. Imagine sucking on a lemon wedge but tasting the sweetness of an orange! Strawberries seems as if they were dipped in sugar. Stout beers taste like chocolate milkshakes.

Miracle Berries
These are Miracle Berries. Attendees will each receive a tablet with the fruit extract and then get access to a buffet of sour, sweet and savory foods to see how the flavors change. Photo by Forest and Kim Starr via Flickr Creative Commons.

Those are just a few of the foods we’ll be trying at the party. Starting at 6:30 p.m. ticket holders will join Axelrad owner Adam Brackman, Houston Food Finder editor Phaedra Cook, beer and cocktail writer Josh Armendariz (that’s me) and marketing director Estée Grier as we sample a variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other foods from the buffet. We’ll let our miracle berry tablets dissolve on our tongues and see how our palates are affected. It only takes 30 seconds to take effect and lasts for an hour on average, leaving plenty of time to sample food and beers.

Admission also includes two drink tickets for beers selected by Axelrad general manager Elise Capers. Don’t like beer? Margaritas will also be available—made with no sugar. With the miracle fruit tablet working, we won’t need it.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to help dogs like Rocky. Photo courtesy of Harris County Animal Shelter.

All-inclusive tickets are available for $35 and gratuity is included in the price, as well as a $2 donation to Harris County Animal Shelter. of each ticket sold will be donated to the Harris County Animal Shelter, which in addition to pet adoption also offers low-cost animal wellness services. By the way: if you’re looking to adopt a pet, check out the shelter’s online search feature. For these stray and homeless pets, the clock is ticking.

This party also kicks-off Axelrad’s Birthday Party w/ Neon Indian, which runs all week! Neon Indian (DJ set) is headlining the celebration. Other Houston favorites include the Wrestlers, Dollie Barnes, Mujeres de Bombón – Texas, GUALI, VODI, Parker Luis Can’t Lose, Velveteen Echo, Nico, Zoonido, Guess Genes, Bright House, a full Neon Garden series, and many more! This yearly party at Axelrad is in collaboration with Wonky Power and Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company.

Josh Armendariz is Houston Food Finder’s lead freelance beer and cocktail writer. He can often be found on a stool at your favorite bar, sipping a hoppy craft beer and talking about the Astros with anyone who’ll lend an ear. Follow him on Instagram at @drinkwithjosh.

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