Indianola & Miss Carousel to be Replaced with Tex-Mex Restaurant & Casual Bar

Miss Carousel bar in East Downtown

Agricole Hospitality has announced that it’s closed Indianola and Miss Carousel, but plans to renovate and develop new concepts at this lively corner of East Downtown. The restaurant and bar debuted in November of 2018 and part of a wave of restaurants, bars, breweries and coffee shops that revitalized that part of Houston. 

Vinny’s Pizza, another Agricole Hospitality business next to Indianola and Miss Carousel that opened around the same time, remains open.  “With so much action – from sports games to entertainment and nightlife – happening in this vibrant neighborhood, we had to take a close look at these concepts and determine what wasn’t working,” said owners Morgan Weber, Ryan Pera and Vincent Huynh in a statement. “We are so proud of what our team created, but we have come to the difficult realization as business owners that we missed the mark on the concepts guests in EaDo want and need. We’re committed to this neighborhood and are eager to create two new spaces – a fresh, more casual restaurant and an everyday bar and gathering space – that speak more directly to the specific desires of our guests.”
The dining room of Indianola in East Downtown
The dining room of Indianola in East Downtown. Photo by Ralph Smith.
Indianola provided a focus on American immigrant cuisine, with each of the owners drawing from their own personal heritages to create the menu. Miss Carousel, the accompanying bar, was a trendy space that served an array of craft cocktails that were also served at Indianola.
wood-grilled steak at Indianola
Wood-Grilled Santa Maria Steak with tomatillo escabeche, corn purée and spicy pepitas at Indianola. Photo by Julie Soefer.
Big changes are coming in the footsteps of these closures. Agricole Hospitality plans to open a Tex-Mex restaurant and cantina in the former Indianola space by the end of the year, and to transform Miss Carousel into a more relaxed bar with a focus on sports and event watching, bar games, live music and DJ entertainment. Further details will be announced later this year.

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