Houston Restaurants Open & Closed After The May 16, 2024 Storms — Updated


Update, May 20 2024: This list as no longer being updated as power has been restored in many places. To be on the safe side, call ahead or check social media before heading out to a restaurant in an affected area.

There is an old joke from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” that “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.” Well, nobody expected that thunderstorms of Thursday, May 16 would come with catastrophic high winds. Numerous videos show windows blown out of skyscrapers in downtown Houston, downed trees and damaged houses across the Heights and transmission towers toppled over like toys. KPRC 2 reported on its live morning newscast that, as of approximately 6 a.m. this morning, 1.4 million people did not have electricity and that situation could persist through the weekend. (That number went up from a previous report of approximately 700,000.)

The City of Houston is urging people to stay home today (Friday, May 17) due to issues of road safety including fallen trees and power lines. Most especially, stay out of downtown Houston today as windows were blown out of skyscrapers, and there is extensive broken glass on the streets and sidewalks. 

Having done restaurant reporting many times after disasters in Houston, we know that some of our readers are still going to be forced to go out in search of food, supplies or a place to charge up cell phones — especially since the extent of yesterday’s storms were not predictable. There will also be first responders today who might need a hot cup of coffee or a bite to eat. So, we urge you to not go out unless you really, really have to.

Please note that this list will be updated throughout the day. In addition, we are frequently relying on reader or social media reports and confirming with businesses when possible.

If you would like to report your restaurant open or closed, please email us.

P.S: This writer apologizes for any typos. I’m dealing with a hand injury and have been writing via dictation and one-handedness for a few weeks.


KP’s Kitchen, 5427 Bissonnet: This newer, second location is open and serving today. Owner Kerry Pauly reports that the original location at 8412 Katy Freeway is closed due to loss of power.

Molina’s Cantina, 3801 Bellaire: A representative for the restaurant reports that all locations are open today.


Open Today

Hongdae 33, 9889 Bellaire: A representative for this Korean barbecue restaurant reports that it is open today.

Migo Saigon Food Street, 9393 Bellaire: Owner Tue Phan reports that the restaurant is open and also offering 10% off all to-go orders today.


Duck N Bao, 17333 Spring Cypress: The Cypress location of this eatery specializing in Peking duck is unable to open today.


Open Today

Brasserie du Parc, 1440 Lamar: Chef and owner Jose Hernandez reports that his elegant downtown restaurant is undamaged and open for regular business.

Brennan’s of Houston, 3300 Smith: Thankfully, this restaurant, which suffered enough damage for a lifetime during prior storms, is just fine. This may be a good day to take advantage of the 25-cent lunchtime martinis if you happen to be nearby.

Dirt Bar, 1209 Caroline:  Heads up to dog owners: your furry best friend is welcome to this long-running, downtown hangout.

Late August, 4201 Main at The Ion: This new restaurant from acclaimed chef Chris Williams is open today, as are his others: Lucille’s and Rado Market.

Lyric Market, 411 Smith: Thomas Tang, who owns the Samurai Noodle stand at this downtown food hall, reports that it is open. Other open food stands are Press Waffle Co., Kati Roll Wala, 1929 Po-boy Kitchen,  Dorado Sushi, Mexology and La Cocina.

Maple Leaf Pub, 514 Elgin: This long-running hub of beer, televised sports and comfort food reported on social media that it has power. It’s offering wi-Fi, a place to charge your electronics, food, beverages and even “hugs” and “help figuring out what to do”.

Rado Market, 2310 Elgin: This casual restaurant and market from acclaimed chef Chris Williams is open today.

Reserve 101, 1201 Caroline:  If sinking into a cocktail or two or maybe some nice bourbons sounds like the perfect way to shake off storm stress, this bar is open and ready to serve you.

Tout Suite, 1515 Fannin at Talley Park: An Instagram post says that this is open with “plenty of outlets”, Wi-Fi, food, coffee and cocktails. The original location in EaDo is closed today due to lack of power.

Un Caffé, 3217 Milam: This specialty coffee shop and roastery is alive and well today, according to writer Ryan Kasey Baker.

Vic & Anthony’s, 1510 Texas: We’ve heard from more than one employee that this long-running, downtown Houston steakhouse is serving dinner from 5 to 11 p.m. this evening.

Closed Today

Saint Arnold Brewing Company, 2000 Lyons: The beer garden and restaurant will be closed on Friday due to the power outage.

EaDo/East of Downtown

Open Today

Koffeteria, 1110 Hutchins: This restaurant, bakery and coffee shop is not only open today until 2 p.m., but owner Vanarin Kuch also offering for people to charge their cell phones.

Nancy’s Hustle, 2704 Polk: Update: co-owner Sean Jensen reports that power is restored, and the restaurant is reopening for service on Saturday, May 18.

Closed Today

Street to Kitchen, 3401 Harrisburg:  James Beard Award-winning chef Benchawan Painter’s Thai restaurant, Which she runs alongside husband Graham, is closed due to loss of power. It’s unknown if the electricity is going to come on in time for dinner.

The Original Ninfa’s, 2704 Navigation: The original, quintessential Tex-Mex restaurant is without power, so it has to remain closed tonight. However, you can get your margarita and enchilada fix at the Uptown location until 11 p.m.

Tout Suite, 2001 Commerce: The original location in EaDo is not open right now due to having no power. However, An Instagram post says that the other location at Talley Park, which is at 1515 Fannin in downtown Houston, is open with “plenty of outlets”, Wi-Fi, food, coffee and cocktails.

East End/East Houston

Open Today

Cochinita & Co., 5420 Lawndale: Chef and cookbook author Victoria Elizondo’s Mexican restaurant is open today until 9 p.m.

Mimo, 736 ½ Telephone: According to writer Ryan Kasey Baker, despite having to close in the middle of dinner service last night, it will resume regular hours this evening.


Open Today

burger-chan, 5353 West Alabama: Despite a front window being blown into the restaurant last night, speedy cleanup and repairs means that it is open and serving lunch today until 3 p.m.

Caracol, 2200 Post Oak Boulevard: H Town Restaurant Group’s Mexican coastal restaurant is open for regular business hours today, as are all its other restaurants.

Conservatory Galleria, 5353 West Alabama: The food hall will be open today, and also offers power outlets and Wi-Fi. However, reader Carlos Interiano advises that outlets are limited, so, “Bring your own brick”.

Katz, 5930 Westheimer: Former writer and longtime reader Beth Levine reports that it appears open, but there was a long line to get in early this afternoon.

The Original Ninfa’s, 2704 Navigation: You can get your margarita and enchilada fix at the Uptown location until 11 p.m.

Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen, 6401 Woodway: Update – After being closed on Friday due to a power outage, it is reopening for business on Saturday, May 18.

Closed Today

Kenny & Ziggy’s, 1743 Post Oak: As of Friday evening, power had still not been restored to this classic New York-style deli.

TRIBUTE at The Houstonian, 111 North Post Oak: Unfortunately, The Houstonian Hotel Where the restaurant is located lost power during the storm. Until it returns, both the hotel and restaurant are closed.


Open Today

Field & Tides, 705 East 11th Street: Chef Travis Lenig’s homey restaurant is open today (despite the general area looking, as writer Ryan Kasey Baker describes it, “apocalyptic”).

Good Dog Houston, 903 Studewood: Owner Daniel Caballero says he had to get some help to clear some big fallen branches, but the restaurant is open for business as usual.

Queen Donut, 1806 West 18th: A member of the Houston Heights Foodies Facebook group report that it’s open

Shipley Donuts, 3932 North Main: A member of the Houston Heights Foodies Facebook group reported that it’s open — and busy.

Closed Today

Central City Co-Op, 2515 Harvard: Closed due to no electricity.

Goode Co. Kitchen & Cantina, 1801 Yale: Closed until power is restored.

Jūn, 420 East 20th Street: Chefs Evelyn Garcia and Henry Lu are having to stay closed today due to lack of power.

Mala Sichuan, 600 North Shepherd: The Heights location is currently closed, but all other locations are open.

Rainbow Lodge, 2011 Ella: Owner Donnette Hansen reports that the restaurant will be closed today. The power is out, but, thankfully, the building did not suffer damage. Unfortunately, some of the extensive landscaping did and it requires some cleanup.


Open Today

Molina’s Cantina, 6300 FM 1463: A representative for the restaurant reports that all locations are open today.

Roegels Barbecue Co., 20702 Katy Freeway: Due to the Voss location not having power, owner Russell Roegels reported on social media that he is barbecuing a great many meats today at the Katy location.


Open Today

Duck N Bao, 5535 Memorial: This location of this eatery specializing in Peking duck is up and running as usual. (Note that the Cypress location is closed today.)

Goode Co. Seafood, 10201 Katy Freeway: This second location of the classic seafood restaurant is open.

Jonathan’s The Rub, 9090 Katy Freeway: Update – after being closed due to loss of power, the Campbell Place location is reopening for service on Saturday, May 18.

Closed Today

Goode Co. Barbeque, 8911 Katy Freeway:The restaurant has been unable to open because power has not yet been restored.

Goode Co. Kitchen & Cantina, 9005 Katy Freeway: Closed until power is restored.

Closed Today

Bistro 555, 13616 Memorial: Closed at the moment due to no power.

KP’s Kitchen, 8412 Katy Freeway: Closed, at least for lunch, due to loss of power.

Mid-West Houston

Closed Today

Roegels Barbecue Co., 2223 South Voss: Owner Russell Roegels reported on social media That the restaurant does not have electricity today. However, for that reason, he is barbecuing a great deal of meat today at the Katy location, which is at 20702 Katy Freeway. 

Open Today

The French House, 5901 Westheimer: One of our beloved former writers, Beth Levine, says it’s not only serving lunch, but is allowing people to charge their devices. “Half of Tanglewood is here charging things,” she wrote. Note that it closes at 2 p.m.

Molina’s Cantina, 7901 Westheimer: A representative for the restaurant reports that all locations are open today.

Montrose/Museum District

Open Today

Backstreet Cafe, 1103 South Shepherd: Posted to the restaurant’s social media: “Thankfully we have power, and we are open today for lunch and dinner!”

Blacksmith, 1018 Westheimer: Co-owner David Buehrer confirms that the coffee shop is open regular hours today.

Common Bond, 1706 Westheimer: A reader reported this pastry shop and café open as of this morning.

Demeris BBQ, 2911 South Shepherd: Our former writer Holly Beretto verified that this old-school Houston barbecue joint is open.

Empire Cafe, 732 Westheimer: This classic Montrose staple is open today until 11 p.m. for your coffee-sipping, pasta-eating and cake-nibbling needs.

Eugene’s, 1985 Morningside: Owner Kyle Teas reports that his Gulf seafood restaurant is open. Don’t miss the gumbo.

Harry’s Restaurant, 318 Tuam: Reported open by a member of the Houston Heights Foodies Facebook group. The restaurant closes at 2 p.m.

Hugo’s, 1600 Westheimer: Restaurateur Tracy Vaught and executive chef Hugo Ortega’s classic Mexican restaurant is open and serving today, as are all their other restaurants.

Lucille’s, 5512 La Branch: Chef and owner Chris Williams’ restaurant dedicated to his grandmother is open and serving today.

March, 1624 Westheimer: If you had a big date planned at this acclaimed tasting menu restaurant this evening (and can safely navigate your way there), good news: it’s open.

Maven Coffee + Cocktails, 1717 Allen Parkway: Reader John Nechman reports that this newly debuted coffee shop is open today.

Montrose Cheese & Wine, : Not a restaurant, but if you would like to stock up with some wine, cheese and snacks (and who wouldn’t at this point??), the shop is open.

Riel, 1927 Fairview: Chef and owner Ryan Lachaine says that he is open for business as usual.

Rosie Cannonball, 1620 Westheimer: Chef Felipe Riccio reports that his comfortable, casual Montrose restaurant is open today.

North Houston

Trash Panda Drinking Club, 4203 Edison: Update – The breezy hangout is reopening on Saturday, May 18 after a power outage.

Northwest Houston

Open Today

Goode Co. Barbeque, 20102 Northwest Freeway: A representative for the restaurant emailed to say that this Houston barbecue restaurant is open today.

Rice Village

Open Today

Goode Co. Barbeque, 5109 Kirby: A representative for the restaurant emailed to say that this classic Houston barbecue restaurant is open today.

Goode Co. Seafood, 2621 Westpark: If you’re in the mood for a great campechana, you’re in luck. The restaurant is open until 10:30 p.m.

Roma, 2347 University:  The classic Italian restaurant is open this evening for dinner until 10 p.m. Parking is available via ParkMobile app at the street meters or for a nominal fee in the Village Arcade parking garage.

Closed Today

Café Rabelais, 2442 Times: Closed due to loss of power.

River Oaks

Open Today

Little Rey, 2345 Mid: Chef and restaurateur Ford Fry’s latest entry in the Houston food scene is open today.

Ouisie’s Table, 3939 San Felipe: A representative for the restaurant informed us that the elegant southern restaurant is open for dinner tonight.

State of Grace, 3258 Westheimer: Executive chef Bobby Matos reports that the elevated Southern restaurant is open for business as usual today.

Closed Today

a’Bouzy, 2300 Westheimer: The restaurant reported on Instagram that it is closed today, “for the safety of our staff and guests”. The reason was not specified.


Open Today

Robin’s Snowflake Donuts & Cafe, 4660 Louetta:  The restaurant posted on Facebook that it is open until noon today.

Washington Avenue

Closed Today

Awesome Bites Co., 2313 Edwards: Owner Jennifer Thai reports that the center is without power. Unfortunately, the shop has lost its ice cream inventory. Hopefully, when it’s able to reopen, the community will help it make up for some lost revenue.

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