Houston Restaurant Weeks Confirmed to Return for August 2021

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After the weird and sad year that was 2020, which included the loss of Houston Restaurant Weeks founder and food journalist Cleverley Stone in May of that year, it’s good to hear that the dining-for-charity event is returning in its normal format for 2021. This year, participating restaurants are serving the multi-course, prix fixe meals from August 1 to September 6 and funds remain dedicated to the Houston Food Bank.

katie stone
Houston Restaurant Weeks leader Katie Stone and her family. Courtesy photo.

As was the case last year, Stone’s daughter, Katie, is carrying on with the big task of overseeing the charitable event via The Cleverley Stone Foundation. With the country crawling back to normalcy post-COVID, unlike last year when hard-hit restaurants were only expected to contribute a dollar per meal, the per-meal donations are going back to more normal levels. That means the Houston Food Bank will receive $1 for the $20 lunches and brunches, $3 for dinners sold for $35 and $5 for dinners that cost $49 throughout the weeks-long campaign; funds are contributed from the restaurants at the end of the event. One good carryover from 2020: the meals will also be available to go.

Restaurants have latitude in what the meals include, both in terms of dishes and the number of courses. Brunch and lunch offer either two or three courses, while dinner includes three or four.

The Houston Restaurant Weeks website is an important resource for diners, and it’s getting a much-needed update. Restaurant owners can now download menu templates, as well as input and update their offerings. The list of this year’s participants will be posted on July 15 and updated as new restaurants are added until August 1. Owners who want to participate should email Katie Stone.

Diners who want an idea as to what’s in store can check out the 2020 list. Historically, restaurants that participate tend to do so year after year, and with diners eager to go out again, it’s very likely the 2021 list will be bigger than ever.

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