Galleria Restaurant Duo Temporarily Shuttered Due to Kitchen Fire

Turner's dining room

Fans of The Annie at 1800 Post Oak, as well as Turner’s, the fine-dining restaurant nestled inside, will have to patiently wait for their next visit. The establishments share a kitchen, and on Wednesday, May 19, a fire started in its exhaust hoods. KHOU 11 was on the scene and captured footage of significant smoke pouring from the roof, which can be seen in the video below.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. Unfortunately, while firefighters extinguished the fire, both restaurants suffered “extensive” water damage, according to Benjamin Berg, who also owns B&B Butchers, B.B. Lemon and other Houston-area restaurants. Berg co-operates The Annie and Turner’s alongside James Beard Award-winning chef Robert Del Grande, who originally started the establishment as RDG + Bar Annie before renaming it Cafe Annie, after his acclaimed prior restaurant.

It doesn’t sound like the fire was due to significant grease buildup. According to a representative for the restaurants, the exhaust hoods were cleaned three weeks ago.

“We are extremely grateful for the Houston Fire Department staff and their promptness and professionalism in handling this situation, We now have some remediation work to do in order to pass specific codes, but we hope to reopen within two to three weeks,” said Berg via a press release. He also says that any guests who had reservations in the coming weeks are being contacted, and that he’s grateful to Four Seasons Houston and Brennan’s of Houston for helping by taking over hosting duties for upcoming private events.

Any questions or concerns regarding The Annie can be directed by phone at (713) 804-1800 or via email, and Turner’s can be reached at (713) 804-1212 or via email.

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