Evan Turner Is Returning To Helen Greek Food & Wine and Helen In The Heights

Evan Turner

Surprise! The owners of Helen Greek Food & Wine and Helen In The Heights have announced that sommelier Evan Turner is returning to the fold (almost certainly after some consideration and negotiation on both sides). This news comes just 11 days after Turner’s departure announcement on May 8.

A statement from the company reads as follows:

The Helen Family is pleased to welcome Evan Turner back with open arms. In the wake of his sudden and unplanned departure, Turner realized during his absence that he had made an error in judgment and has returned with a heartfelt desire to resume his position as head sommelier at both Helen Greek Food and Wine and Helen in the Heights.

“After expressing my sincere remorse to the Helen leadership following an ill-advised impulse to step down from a position I hold dear, I am delighted and relieved to announce my return to the Helen family. My love and passion for both restaurants proved too strong a draw for me to consider going anywhere else,” Turner commented. “Helen is where I belong.”

Perhaps we can chalk this up to the idea that everyone has a tough time at work occasionally and sometimes make rash decisions as a result. The closing of Arthur Ave and retooling that location into Helen In The Heights surely added to the workloads of all involved.

Regardless, many Houston diners and wine lovers are going to be absolutely thrilled to hear that one of the biggest personalities in Houston’s wine scene has changed his mind.

Update: We originally thought the song “Bad Day” would be appropriate, but Turner thinks this one fits the bill. Seems fair.

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