UPDATE: FOUND – Blue Heron Farm & Beer Garden’s Beloved Tortoise

Jeremy the tortoise at Blue Heron Farm and Beer Garden

Updated, 3/14/2024, 10:12 a.m.: We’re happy to report that Jeremy has been found. He was picked up yesterday by people that owner Lisa Seger called, “good Samaritans”.  

Blue Heron Farm at 29625 Bunting Road in Waller, Texas is missing its most-famous resident. The farm, a fixture at Houston-area farmers markets thanks to its popular cheeses and cajeta made from the milk of their Nubian goats, also has a beer garden onsite. Operated by the farm’s owners Lisa and Christian Seger, the beer garden is famous for the presence of 90-pound sulcata tortoise, Jeremy. Jeremy went missing on Wednesday, March 13. Anyone who spots the tortoise should call Lisa at (713) 478-0799. Lisa is also regularly posting updates on the search to X (formerly known as Twitter) and Bluesky

Someone else may have Jeremy. A commenter on Blue Heron’s Facebook post says that the tortoise was picked up by a man in a black Dodge truck who claimed he had a farm in the area and that Jeremy was his. The Segers are offering a reward for Jeremy’s return.

The Segers adopted Jeremy from Central Texas Tortoise Rescue about two years ago, and he has already received a measure of fame for his adventures. The determined tortoise has broken through enclosures, gates and fences, and his escapades led the Segers to gluing an Apple AirTag onto his shell. Lisa says that, unfortunately, “We’re not getting any hits on the AirTag. We’ve put him into lost mode.” That means that anyone with a compatible iPhone in the vicinity of the AirTag should get a message with the Segers’ contact information (and hopefully it is still affixed to Jeremy’s shell).

The lost flyer the Segers have created to help find Jeremy the tortoise

Also known as an African Spurred Tortoises, sulcata tortoises are considered an endangered species and know to travel at least two to three miles in a single night. “Based on which gate he broke, we figure he was headed south or east from the farm,” Lisa said. 

The Segers opened Blue Heron Beer Garden on October 20, 2023. Writer Meredith Nudo (also a freelance contributor to Houston Food Finder) described in an article for Houstonia that thanks to the presence of Jeremy, the friendly goats and a fluffy sheepdog, the beer garden is “a small slice of Eden”. 

Jeremy on one of his escape attempts after knocking down a gate on December 7, 2023
Jeremy on one of his escape attempts after knocking down a gate on December 7, 2023. Photo by Lisa Seger.

The tortoise’s frequent enclosure destruction and escapes have earned him the nickname, “Fucking Jeremy”. Those who can’t join the search can consider supporting the farm’s reward fund for the tortoise’s safe return through the purchase of some Jeremy-themed merchandise, such as the “I Do What I Want” T-shirt for $20 showing the image above or the “Fucking Jeremy” sticker for $4. The Segers make the items themselves and they’re busy searching for Jeremy (not to mention running a goat farm and beer garden), so do allow a few weeks for delivery. 

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