After 22 Years, Bistro Provence in Memorial is Getting a Refreshed Look & a New Name

Saturday, August 22 is the last day for diners to bid adieu to Bistro Provence at 13616 Memorial. It opened in September 1998 and for 22 years has been a comfortable, steadfast source of approachable French fare and top-notch wine. This September, owner Genevieve Guy is debuting Bistro 555 in its place.

Guy is making the most of a lull in business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic — and the month of August, which is often slow anyway. The restaurant is to be “gutted” and fully remodeled. “It’s time to refresh,” Guy said via press release. “I want a place to showcase more of France and more of what today’s French food is all about. The menu is going to be based on five appetizers, five main courses and five desserts, thus the name. We’ll have the flexibility to regularly change the menu based on what is fresh and new on the market.”

Genevieve Guy at Bistro Provence
Genevieve Guy, owner of Bistro Provence — soon to be Bistro 555. Photo by Phaedra Cook.

Unlike its predecessor, Bistro 555’s cuisine will hail from more regions than Provence. “The food will remain French, but it’s going to more about kind of the story of my life: growing up in Alsace, moving to Lyon, then meeting a guy from the Auvergne region (husband Jean-Philippe Guy) and travelling to Provence.”

Between now and when Bistro Provence closes, Guy strongly recommends that diners who want to come in for a final farewell make reservations, as social distancing requirements has caused seating to be very limited. Make those by calling (713) 827-8008 or visiting the Bistro Provence web site.

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