Some of the Best Houston Tacos Are Now at — a Gas Station?

tacos from the Taco Stop

Some dining experiences are essential to understanding Houston food culture. For example, visiting Tacos Tierra Caliente for a couple of warm corn tortillas filled with tender lengua (beef tongue) or juicy barbacoa, crisp onion and fresh cilantro, then walking across the street to West Alabama Ice House for a cold beer. It’s practically an initiation rite for Houstonians.

Those same tacos, which are regularly considered some of the best in Houston, are now available in a second, seemingly unlikely location: a gas station. Specifically, a new Exxon station called Market at Heights at 1535 North Durham that includes Taco Stop, a food stand operated by the owners of Tacos Tierra Caliente.

Besides the celebrated truck offerings, such as fajita, al pastor (pork), barbacoa, chicharrón (fried pork skin) and lengua available on corn or flour tortillas, Taco Stop also offers a wide range of breakfast tacos filled with multiple combinations of egg, cheese, chorizo, bacon, ham, and beans.

There are also new tacos, including grilled shrimp, grilled fish, pollo avocado and pollo poblano. In addition, visitors can opt to get the fillings in a quesadilla or a torta, as well as add rice and beans for an extra two bucks.

Don’t worry: Taco Stop has the same fiery red and green salsas as the Tacos Tierra Caliente truck.  Alas, there are no picnic-table benches to slide onto. However, nearby Love Park has some.

Or, just enjoy some of the Bayou City’s best tacos in true Houston fashion: in your car in a gas station parking lot.

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  • May 14, 2019 at 4:53 pmAJ

    Psyched that this is right by me — especially after the Balls Out Burgers closed

  • May 14, 2019 at 6:36 amClay

    The taco truck at the Shell station (Monroe and Gulf Fwy) is excellent. When I worked a couple blocks south of there, that was my breakfast, and also often my lunch stop. The Salsa Verde is the bomb. Another notable truck is located at Hwy 3 and Fuque, in the parking lot for the auto glass shop. Not only are the tacos excellent, as a bonus you always get a cup of excellent charro beans, some grilled onions and peppers.