Cool Off With These Shaved Ice Treats In Houston

Snow cones, raspas or shaved ice: No matter what you call these cool, sweet treats, they are the antidote to scorching Houston weather, and a must for the city’s long summer days. Here are some of the best around town.

MAM’s, 1040 West Cavalcade: Known as “Houston’s original sno-ball stand,” MAM’s just opened its new permanent home in the Heights. Mam’s claim to fame are its New Orleans-style shaved ice and soft and fluffy snow cones. There are a whopping 50 flavors—including sugar free and natural syrups—so fans seeking classic summer nostalgia should be able to satisfy just about any craving.

Classic flavors like cherry and blue coconut, topped with condensed milk, come in a fluffy mound at mobile shaved ice stand Friohana. Photo courtesy of Friohana.

Friohana Shave Ice, 105 Sabine St and various locations: Formerly called Texas Blizzard, this mobile stand is a favorite for its fluffy Hawaiian-style hand shaved ice, as well as a selection of classic and natural flavors. The mango snow cone, made with natural puree and covered in chile powder, is a crowd favorite. Make sure to check Friohana’s Facebook page for the latest location and hours, as the truck is often on the move to various points around the city.

Tampico Refresqueria, 4520 North Main: This unassuming walk-up stand in the Heights is a Houston mainstay for the Mexican-style shaved ice known as raspas. Lines and wait times can get long, so have cash in hand and stake out a picnic table with friends when you approach the window to order. Pro tip: buy a cup of the roasted corn (elote) to snack on alongside your sweet treat.

The Snow Ice at Nu Ice & Drinks can be customized all kinds of ways. Photo by Lauren McDowell.

Nu Ice & Drinks, multiple locations
The “Nu Snow,” also called “Nu Snowflake Ice,” is a fluffy, Asian-style ice treat that comes on a plate, not in a cone. Nu Ice uses a sorbet base that takes 10 hours to prepare, and shaves it into a small mountain before adding fruit puree syrups and ingredients of your choice. The all-natural flavors mean less sugar than traditional snow cones, and toppings like rainbow jellies and fruit bobas offer a completely different taste and textural experience from other spots around town.

Moody Ice, 1919 North Shepherd
This zen-like shop in the Heights offers a modern and natural take on Hawaiian shaved ice. All syrups and juices are house-made, a plus for the health-conscious and those hoping to avoid sugary syrups. Real fruit adorns fresh mounds of shaved ice, with condensed milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream included if you like. Visitors also have the option of trying the proprietary Moody Ice concept, made from scratch in-house with fruits and natural ingredients.

Enjoy snow cones on the cozy porch at Bungalow. Photo by Lauren McDowell

Bungalow Sno + Joe, 1219 Marconi
This aptly named bungalow-turned coffee and retail shop in Montrose now offers classic snow cones, too. Visitors can order from inside the shop or via a walk-up window on West Clay Street. Enjoy a variety of flavors on the peaceful patio, or claim a couch inside and connect to wi-fi.

Flamingo Chill, 6404 Airline
Who wouldn’t love a place that offers funnel cakes and Mexican-style snow cones? This low-cost spot for raspas and fast comfort food is a neighborhood favorite, so prepare for long lines on weekends and summer evenings.  Those hoping to avoid a wait should take advantage of the early and late hours: It’s open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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