Start the New Year Tonight With A Burger And A Beer

Houston is no slouch in the burger department, but there’s always room for additional favorites. The latest restaurant offering up their take on burgers is one you might not expect: Cane Rosso.

Yes, that’s right. Every Wednesday night, both Houston Cane Rosso locations in Montrose (4306 Yoakum Boulevard) and the Heights (1835 North Shepherd) offer two burgers from the minds of Cane Rosso chefs Matt Wommack and Jonathan Jones for diners to choose from. The special includes one of the two burgers below, along with a selected beer at a discount.

First up, the more adventurous of the duo: The Ghost Face Squealer. Black Hill Meats makes a ghost chile guanciale for the folks at Cane Rosso, which is chopped up and mixed in with the ground beef to give the patty a spicy pork flavor. Next they top it off with American cheese, tomato and house pickles. To complete the burger, they add spicy slaw made with julienned jalapeño, habanero, apple and radicchio, all nestled inside a Kraftsmen egg bun. As for sides, fries won’t suffice for this special burger. Instead, the team at Cane Rosso is serving Potato Puppies, comprised of hush puppies made with fluffy potato, sundried tomato pistou and sprinkled with fresh Parmesan. Together, the combo costs $12.

The Ghost Face Squealer Burger at Cane Rosso. Photo courtesy of Jeff Amador.

For those in search of an old school classic, The Cane Rosso Burger fits the bill. Comprised of 100-percent 44 Farms Beef, Cane Rosso’s take on the classic comes with American cheese, tomato, housemade pickles, lettuce and a sambal mayo, served on a Kraftsmen bun and those fluffy Potato Puppies. Together, the combo runs for $10.

The Cane Rosso Burger. Photo Courtesy of Jeff Amador..

When asked about the inspiration behind the Wednesday night burger special, Chef Wommack says, “We like a good burger and a beer just as much as everyone else does, and wanted to put our own spin on it.”

Currently there is no end date for the Wednesday Burger special, but with a deal this good, why wait?

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