Delivery Italiano, Curated By Houston Chef Luca Manfé, Now Taking Orders!

Luca Manfé


Winner of MasterChef Season Four on FOX, Chef Luca Manfé will serve as lead chef and box curator for Delivery Italiano a new, Houston-based Italian food subscription service. Chef Luca will inspire the culinary vision of the brand and hand-select many of the products, which will be shipped on a monthly basis to subscribers.

The idea came to founders Lance and Brett Martin while searching for artisanal Italian foods to include in a culinary tour of Italy for the sister company L&B Italian Tours. With Chef Luca’s help, the brothers created a pantry box that comes ready to make into a meal. Subscribers can also add meat or seafood to the pantry items they receive. Delivery Italiano is accepting pre-orders now and ships its first boxes on March 30.

Lance and Brett Martin
Delivery Italiano founders Lance and Brett Martin

Each month, the service delivers eight to 10 high-quality, authentic Italian imports right to subscribers’ doors. Many of the products have never been imported into the United States before. Chef Luca, a native Italian, will lend his expertise in the cuisine and culture, sourcing rare products and shaping the flavors and experiences in each box.

Delivery Italiano box
Soon delivering right to your door: the Delivery Italiano box curated by nationally know chef Luca Manfé!

“I wanted Americans to be able to taste the foods of my home,” said Chef Luca. “It’s hard to find products of this quality in your everyday market. We sent people all over Italy in search of the best pastas, sauces, vegetables and olive oils in order to create a unique experience. The integrity and authenticity of the products was very important to me. Many are made by Italian families who have owned their businesses for generations.”

Each box contains enough Italian pantry staples to feed eight people. Delivery Italiano’s mission is helping subscribers create new traditions and memories involving cooking and enjoying everyday food together. That includes indulging in savory pastas and desserts together.

pasta from Delivery Italiano box
The ingredients in the Delivery Italiano boxes can be combined in a variety of ways for easy, authentic Italian meals at home.

“Each box is its own experience,” Chef Luca said. “We create a different flavor palette for each month, and the products can be cooked in nearly any combination. Brett and Lance really wanted anyone to be able to cook these foods at home and create a meal that people will love.”

Starting at $65 per month, the service offers one-time purchases and monthly subscriptions. Delivery Italiano estimates that the items in each box would cost 40-percent more on average if subscribers were able to find them in stores or online. Get yours today at

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