Houston Company Debuts Truffle-Laden Texas Honey, Olive Oil and Chocolates 

DR Delicacy Texas products

Houston company DR Delicacy is an excellent source for fresh truffles and caviar, but its latest product line is anchored in ingredients much closer to home. Owner Diane Roederer recently rolled out three products that are all made in Texas by Houston companies and infused with fresh truffles or natural white truffle essence: wildflower honey, dark chocolate truffles and olive oil

White Truffle Texas Wildflower Honey

Lone Star Bee Co., also in Houston and owned by Mark Crippen and Nicki Praiswater, specializes in infused Texas honey. Some examples from its current product line include clover honey pepped up with lime and salt or mesquite honey with a hot pepper-kick. So, leveraging that skillset to create a honey infused with black summer truffles for DR Delicacy was a natural fit. In addition to adding real slices of white truffle, the flavor is boosted with “truffle aroma” — an all-natural oil infusion from Grasse, France, the “perfume capital of the world,” not the chemically produced ingredient that is much more ubiquitous in retail “truffle” products. If there’s fierce competition at home for who gets to steal the truffle slices from the jar, we suggest drawing straws or some other friendly game of chance.

White truffle is a subtle flavor but the addition of the essence makes it quite strong in the honey, which sells online for $11.75 for a five-ounce jar or $32.85 for a 13.5-ounce bottle. Just a light drizzle atop a cheese and fruit platter or ice cream is sufficient for adding a little sweetness and intriguing truffle flavor. The white truffle honey can also be added to foods that don’t require cooking, such as yogurt and salad dressing. (Heat can alter or even destroy the delicate truffle flavor, so don’t cook with it.) 

DR Delicacy Black Diamond Truffles
DR Delicacy Black Diamond Truffles are crafted by Mostly Chocolate & Catering in Houston and contain plenty of fresh truffle bits, all enrobed in dark chocolate with a touch of black salt. Photo by Phaedra Cook.

Black Diamond Chocolate Truffles

Dany Kamkhagi of Mostly Chocolate & Catering (also operated by his mom, chef Rina Kamkhagi) is a well-respected local chocolatier in Houston that crafts “truffled” chocolate truffles for DR Delicacy. Named Black Diamond Chocolate Truffles, the luxurious creations are made of ganache layered with fresh truffle bits and then enrobed in dark chocolate. The final touch is a sprinkling of glimmering black lava sea salt on top. Because freshness is key, each box of six is made to order and 48-hours’ notice is required. The cost is $55 and while that price may seem a little dear (about $9.16 per truffle before tax), these made-upon-request, rare bon bons certainly make for a memorable gift for true fresh truffle lovers. The truffle chocolates are available to buy online

olive oil on pasta
DR Delicacy’s new Texas Truffle Olive oil, a collaboration with J. Welch Farms in Victoria, Texas, goes beautifully on cheesy, buttery or herby pasta dishes. Courtesy photo.

Texas Truffle Oil

The final item in the Texas line is another unique product: olive oil blended with real white truffle essence. Of the three new items in DR Delicacy’s Texas product line, this was my personal favorite for four reasons: its balanced truffle flavor, richness, cost effectiveness and flexibility as a finishing oil for a variety of dishes. This oil was made in partnership with J. Welch Farms, an olive grower in Victoria, Texas. 

Again, there’s none of the ubiquitous chemical used to mimic truffle scent and keep costs down in commercial olive oils. Interestingly, DR Delicacy’s all-natural rendition, the base of which is made from first-harvest, cold-pressed Texas Arbequina and Koroneiki olives, is still fairly reasonably priced. A 250ml bottle is available online for $27.86 and the 100ml size is only $13.86. As a finishing oil, it goes great as a drizzle atop seared meat, soups, fried potatoes of any kind, pasta with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano and, of course, in salad dressings. It’s not available quite yet, but DR Delicacy is also producing a black truffle oil. 

With so many people cooking more at home right now, any of these products would make for an excellent gift — and all three together an outstanding one. All of the above items are exclusively available for online ordering on the DR Delicacy website and in-person purchases at the Houston storefront. 

Disclosure: DR Delicacy is a valued sponsor of Houston Food Finder and provided these products for review. However, this is not a sponsored article and reflects the author’s opinions. 

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