Greenway Restaurant Tipsy Treats Melds Soul Food Classics With Cocktails To Go

Sherrel Lemon, owner and founder of Tipsy Treats to Go with an assortment of her cocktails to go.

Sherrel Lemon, owner, bartender and chef of the newly-opened Greenway bar and brunch spot Tipsy Treats to Go, located at 3839 Southwest Freeway, could not have a more appropriate surname. After honing her craft for over 25 years at places like Houston’s and Grace’s, she possesses a special flair for fruity, sugary drinks that seem perfectly suited for beach days and sultry summer nights. Her drink list boasts over two dozen different cocktails — many of them available for to-go or delivery in signature eco-friendly sealed pouches. 

We attended a recent media event to sample some of Lemon’s signature cocktails, as well as some of the invigorating Southern comfort foods now available on the menu.

A line up of Tasty Treats to Go’s pouched cocktails. Photo by Visual Influence.

Of the drinks, the lemon drop and the Chocolate Old Fashioned especially stood out, though the Peach Sidecar also deserves mention as an especially refreshing option. It will be a great choice as the weather begins heating up. 

The lemon drop tastes bright, tart and sweet, like liquid sunshine stirred with simple syrup. Lemon has 25 years of experience in the hospitality and food and beverage industries, and this shows in how adroitly she balances the flavors required to bring out the best in the citrus. Similarly, the Chocolate Old Fashioned has a pleasingly bitter finish thanks to the cocoa while still retaining the cocktail’s classic sweetness. I purchased a bottle of the Chocolate Old Fashioned for a loved one who’s far more fluent in the ways of whiskey, and the assessment was that it was a “high tier” treat for unwinding on a weekday evening. 

Tipsy Treats’ cocktails can also be purchased to-go or ordered online for nights when you feel like kicking back with friends at home in pajamas for some movies and popcorn. Aside from the old-fashioneds, which come in bottles, the beverages are packaged in transparent bags and sipped through a straw. It’s a fun twist that recalls the Capri Sun pouches many of us enjoyed as kids.  

Tipsy Treats to Go’s collard greens with Turkey. Photo by Visual Influence.

Tipsy Treats’ cocktails are also thoughtfully partnered with the food. The sweetness of the cocktails balances the dishes’ spices and savory flavors. Lemon cooks up batches of red beans and rice, smothered chicken, beef short ribs, boudin and collard greens with turkey every morning using recipes from her childhood. 

“The secret ingredient is love” is a cliché in TV cooking shows, but it fits here. Lemon’s dishes speak of family and security, of communion and connection. 

Smothered chicken and red beans and rice
Smothered chicken and red beans and rice. Tipsy Treats’ food is packaged to go, just like the cocktails. Photo by Meredith Nudo.

In addition to the traditional comfort foods, the delightful salmon dip offers diners a lighter option. Served with toast points, Lemon says her family always asks her to bring it to get-togethers, even joking that she thinks they like the dish more than her sometimes.

Tasty Treats to Go’s salmon dip with toast points. Photo by Visual Influence.

Given Tipsy Treats’ adoration of all things sweet, though, diners ought to make room for dessert — or at least buy it to-go. I ate the Ooey-Gooey Butter Cake — which comes topped with a generous splash of Grand Marnier — the morning after my visit. It was a decadent way to boost my brain’s glucose levels before getting to work. (That’s what I say to justify dessert for breakfast to myself, anyway.) Lemon’s pralines also warrant praise for their generous size and pleasingly tender texture. 

Above all, Tipsy Treats is a warm experience. Not temperature-wise, unless that applies to your food choice, but in terms of the feelings Lemon and her team evoke in the playfully pink atmosphere, refreshingly sweet drinks and odes to home cooking. 

Tipsy Treats to Go is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., an hour later on Friday and Saturday, and from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

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