Feast On Unlimited Sausages from Around the World at These South Texas Beer Gardens

Through August 2019, Houston diners can sate even great hungers with unlimited sausages ranging from traditional to exotic for a great price. King’s Biergarten in Pearland and King’s BierHaus in the Heights and League City are offering Sausage Fest, an impressive all-you-can-eat deal for just $9.95 for traditional sausages or $12.95 for specialty game and plant-based sausages. All told, there are more than 12 different kinds from which to choose.

The all-you-can-eat deal is strictly for the sausage but buns, sides and topping are all available for nominal additional fees. Pretzel, house, poppy seed and sweet Hawaiian buns are $1.50 each. Some toppings are an additional 75 cents, such as sauerkraut and sautéed mushrooms, while others such as Cheddar Bacon Bier Sauce and Curry Ketchup are $1. The sides are Austrian Potato Salad, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage, Cucumber Salad and French fries and range from $3 for a single serving to $8 for three.

King's Bierhaus
King’s Bierhaus in the Heights. Photo by Hank Lewis.

Here’s this year’s lineup, categorized by type.

Traditional Sausages

  • German Bratwurst: King’s makes its take on the traditional sausage of Germanywith pork, onion, lemon, parsley and white pepper.
  • Hot Cheese Sausage or “Scharfe Kase Wurst”: This is owner Hans Sitter’s favorite. It’s made with smoked pork, beef and cheddar then given a little heat with some red pepper.
  • Cheese Sausage or “Kase Wurst”:, For this less spicy one, King’s infuses flavorful pork and beef infused with melted Swiss and cheddar cheese.
  • Polish Sausage: This one is made from smoked beef and pork and then gets a hint of garlic and spices.
  • Spicy Kielbasa: An authentic Polish sausage with a nice kick of spicy heat.
  • Spicy Chicken Bratwurst: This is one chicken sausage that’s not boring. It’s made with all-white meat chicken, then amped up with Swiss cheese, jalapeños, red apples, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach.
More different kinds of sausage than you can shake a stick… of sausage at can be found at King’s Bierhouse and King’s Biergarten. Photo courtesy of King’s Biergarten/Bierhaus.

Exotic/Game Sausage

  • Elk: Cheddar, jalapeño and garlic ensures this game meat is as interesting as it is rustic.
  • Mountain Man: A house specialty, this is a blend of elk, venison, bison, wild boar and antelope.
  • Alligator: The best way to handle these toothy lords of the swamp south is to eat ‘em. King’s makes this Louisiana-influenced sausage with gumbo filet, garlic and onion before it is smoked.
  • Wild Boar: Berries and boar mixed together is a long-held tradition, so it only makes sense for this sausage mix to get a smattering of blueberries. Then, the sophistication of Merlot and brown sugar comes into play, making this a truly unique combination.
  • Rabbit & Rattlesnake: You’ve probably heard the saying, “what grows together goes together.” Well, in this case, it’s natural enemies melded with jalapeño, Chardonnay and cilantro.

Plant-based Sausages

  • Italian: Made from fresh eggplant, which is complimented with fennel, red wine, garlic and sweet peppers.
  • Chipotle: Made from its spicy namesake pepper as well as chile de arbol peppers, sweet onion, cumin and oregano.
  • Smoked Apple Sage: A hickory-smoked sausage that’s comprised of Yukon Gold potatoes, apples and sage.

With so many to try, don’t be surprised if your appetite exceeds your stomach’s capacity. Of course, drinks are no problem as both King’s Bierhaus and King’s Biergarten boast lists that include some of the best imported German beers as well as several Texas craft beers. Prost!!!

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