New Restaurant in Houston’s Heights Specializes in Breakfast On-the-Go

Hans and Philip Sitter are the father-son duo behind restaurants King’s Biergarten in Pearland and King’s Bierhaus in the Heights. Those concepts are popular for traditional and modern German and Austrian fare as well as impressive beer lists. The Sitters recently unveiled their latest endeavor, EggHaus Gourmet, at 2042 East TC Jester, a breakfast and lunch restaurant next to King’s Bierhaus. Touted as “breakfast, reimagined,” they have put together a high-quality menu of portable options to accommodate the busy mornings of many Houstonians.   

The menu consists of three types of main dishes: kolaches, egg sandwiches and breakfast tacos. Staple dishes include a polish sausage, cheese and jalapeño kolache; a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich; and a bacon, egg and cheddar taco that uses a non-GMO corn tortilla.

The more creative choices include the Reuben Kolache filled with corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese with a side of Russian dressing; a Hangover Sandwich of hand-shredded chicken simmered in Spaten lager beer then served on a potato bun with green leaf lettuce, tomato, queso fresco, cilantro and avocado-ranch dressing (order it with an egg on top for extra decadence); and the Sonsonate Taco with pulled pork, cheddar, sour cream, beer BBQ sauce and green onions. Meatless options include an organic peanut butter kolache topped with streusel and served with strawberry jam and the La Brea Taco with eggs, potatoes, grilled peppers and onions, cilantro and queso fresco.  

Flavored lattes at EggHaus Gourmet include rose, horchata, and lavender (pictured). Photo by Hank Lewis

There are four varieties of fruit kolaches for a sweet hit alongside a daily rotation of baked goods. Flavors include sweet cream cheese with strawberries and the Very Berry. Additional treats include enticing croissants dipped in chocolate and a visually appealing variation with a matcha tea glaze and dusted with gold leaf.  

In addition to the main dishes, EggHaus Gourmet serves coffee and tea. Selections include brewed sustainable coffee from Nespresso (a commercial version of the service, not one of those little machines) cold brew, espresso, cappuccino and cortado. There are even rose, lavender and horchata flavored lattes. For tea lovers, there are matcha green tea beverages and lattes in the same aforementioned cafe latte flavors. There are also fresh juices and other bottled beverages.

EggHaus’s owners say they use organic non-GMO cage free eggs and locally sourced ingredients “whenever possible.” The kitchen incorporates pink Himalayan salt and bakes the buns daily without the use of preservatives or additives.

The interior of breakfast spot EggHaus Gourmet is bright and cheery. Photo courtesy of EggHaus Gourmet

The space has a comfortable homey kitchen feel, thanks to big windows that let in natural light. The vibe is enhanced further with sunshine yellow accents annd shelves covered with colorful mugs and flowers. The overall effect is a cheerful start to the day.  

EggHaus Gourmet is located at 2042 East TC Jester, just half a mile south of the North Loop.  It is open Mondays through Fridays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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