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DellaCasa Pasta Combines Handcrafted Heritage With Weeknight Convenience

della casa gnocchi

DellaCasa Pasta brings Italy to your dinner table with a variety of pastas and sauces made using only fresh and natural ingredients. Photo by Natalie Wells

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When it’s time to stock up on tender, fresh pasta and delectable sauces, skip the grocery store and get it delivered directly to your home or restaurant instead! Preparation is a breeze with each selection cooking in just two to three minutes — which is just enough time to warm up a perfectly paired sauce. 

DellaCasa Pasta is made locally in Tomball, Texas. Owner Luisa Obando creates all of her recipes from scratch using traditional Italian techniques and authentic bronze pasta machine dies from Italy. For the first time, customers can now order these online and arrange for delivery right to their doors. (Wholesale customers: please use this form to contact us directly about your pasta and sauce needs.)

DellaCasa Pasta has no fake ingredients. No chemicals or preservatives are used in our food. We combine fresh vegetables, quality meats and gourmet cheeses in all of our dishes. Most meals are $16 to $20 dollars each, which means you can feed three to four people a wholesome, restaurant-quality meal for just a few dollars per person!

There is a $50 purchase shipping minimum and shipping via FedEx is only $10 (Della Casa actually covers *most* of the delivery cost!). Hitting that minimum is a breeze because with so many options to choose from you’ll want twice that many. When you are ready to order, simply add your selections to your cart and choose “delivery” from the “pick up/delivery” drop-down menu, and fill in your delivery information. Pick up is also available onsite at the DellaCasa Pasta kitchen in Tomball. All orders of $80 or more receive free shipping.

Select from a dozen ravioli varieties filled with an incredible array of delightful ingredients. There are vegetarian options, such as deceptively simple Spinach & Mozzarella that combines traditional flavors of hearty greens, rich cheese, garlic and spices; fresh Sweet Corn & Caramelized Onion with a hint of thyme; and earthy Portobello & Shiitake heightened by garlic, herbs, salt and pepper. 

Square bowl of spaghetti with shrimp and sauce

Choose from stuffed pastas, shapes, or classic styles like spaghetti. Sauces include vegetarian, meat and seafood selections. Photo by Natalie Wells

For meaty classics, try the Chicken & Mushroom In Marsala Wine (no cheese added); savory Italian Sausage with ricotta and Parmesan; luxurious Lamb & Herbs with ricotta, bright lemon, fresh mint, garlic, onion, salt and pepper; and the unique Roasted Chicken with Quinoa & Cranberries. Each package serves three to four people and takes only four minutes to cook. There are also a wide variety of traditional fresh pastas, such as fettuccini, lasagna and pappardelle, 25 pasta shapes, including clam shells, cavatelli, rigatoni and ziti, and two styles of gnocchi. There are even vegan options: three raviolis, two pastas and one sauce. 

Top your pasta choices with sauces for every occasion such as creamy Alfredo, hearty Artisan Bolognese, Chunky Marinara and bright and flavor-packed Pesto. Each lends a special flair to dishes from appetizers to entrées. 

Life is extra easy with ready-to-bake lasagnas. Choose from Bolognese, Chicken & Mushroom and Spinach & Mozzarella. The lasagna takes 40 to 60 minutes to cook and is available in two sizes. The individual size feeds one to two, and the family size feeds three to four.

DellaCasa Pasta even has two ready-made kits especially geared to kids: simply boil according to the package directions and enjoy! Our Mac & Cheese is anything but ordinary, with a truly cheesy sauce made with white cheddar and Monterey Jack. The curly frills of our Macaroni Creste di Gallo shapes are perfect for catching the sauce, too. Kids also love the beautiful colors and fun shapes of our ravioli. Our box just for them is a combination of both the Spinach & Mozzarella Ravioli and Four Cheese Ravioli. Best of all, parents can feel good about the wholesome ingredients. 

single serving of lasagna

Order ready-to-bake lasagna for a simple and satisfying meal. Photo courtesy of DellaCasa Pasta

Our pastas and sauces arrive frozen. Use soon after thawing. Pastas last a week in the refrigerator or six months in the freezer. (We recommend ravioli be cooked from its frozen state to ensure they stay separated and don’t over cook in boiling water.)

Since a trip to Italy is a faraway dream — for now at least — let DellaCasa Pasta be your passport to authentic flavors, delectable dishes and a much-needed virtual escape. We look forward to sharing our passion for pasta with you! 

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