Convenient Delivery Service Makes it Easy to Support Small Texas Businesses

Over the past few years, at-your-doorstep food delivery programs have become increasingly popular, with new ones seemingly popping up each month. Austin-based Farmhouse Delivery beat the trend by nearly a decade. The company has been sending locally and responsibly sourced groceries, meal kits and artisanal goods straight to the doorsteps of Texans since 2009.

As noted, Farmhouse Delivery is based in Austin, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many of the goods are from that part of Texas. That said, some of the included vendors, such as Della Casa Pasta in Tomball, Malk and Gunderman Acres in Wharton County, are in or close to Houston. (Note that the featured vendors are subject to change at any time.) The sourcing is transparent, with the vendor, grower or producer of each item clearly identified.

Farmhouse Delivery utilizes stylish, branded, insulated bags to deliver fresh foods straight to your doorstep. Photo by Ryan Baker.

Farmhouse Delivery’s online ordering system is easy to use. Customers can peruse pre-assembled choices such as Rancher Boxes for meats, Produce Boxes for plant-based choices and Meal Kits for chef-selected baskets of ingredients designed for easy meals at home. Delivery dates are based on the customer’s address, as Farmhouse Delivery visits various areas on designated days of the week.

The biggest strength of Farmhouse Delivery is the Grocery section, where customers can sift through countless snacks, produce, meats, cheeses, traditional and alternative milks, loaves of bread and more. Visitors to the website can also select from bundles to create specific meals and pre-made dishes.

As the name indicates, Farmhouse Delivery has a full selection of fresh produce. Courtesy photo.

Farmhouse Delivery sent Houston Food Finder a sample box. There was a good selection of produce, including bananas, Brussel sprouts, red lettuce, grape tomatoes and apples, all of which were kept cool and fresh in Farmhouse Delivery’s signature insulated bags.

There was also an array of artisanal goods, such as a delectable roasted garlic and herb compound butter. The fresh parsley and whole-roasted garlic were distinct yet melded quite well into the sweet cream butter. There are many great uses for compound butter, but it paired especially well with the sourdough loaf from Austin’s Easy Tiger Bake Shop, which was also in the shipment. Also included was a pack of four-cheese ravioli and arrabbiata sauce from the aforementioned Della Casa Pasta.

Farmhouse Delivery also has many beverage options, including multiple brands of alternative milk such as Fronks and Houston’s own MALK Organics. The delivery to Houston Food Finder included Fronk’s Golden Nut Milk, made with cashews, almonds and turmeric, and MALK’s unsweetened almond milk, made simply with only salt and almonds.

Coffee drinkers are in luck, too: Farmhouse Delivery carries a handful of beans from small-batch roasters, including Greater Goods Roasting in Austin.

If you can make it to a local farmer’s market, you should. It supports local vendors and artisans without a middleman. However, for busy people who want to support small Texas businesses and don’t have a lot of time for grocery shopping, Farmhouse Delivery is the next-best thing.

Houston Food Finder readers who want to try the service can use the code HFF to receive $10 off the first purchase of $60 dollars or more. Farmhouse Delivery will also waive its $9.99 membership fee. The code is only good until July 31, 2021.

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