Bosscat Kitchen Beckons With A Colorful Sunday Brunch

Fruity Pebbles French Toast Bosscat

Leaving the house on lazy Sundays can be a daunting task—the struggle is real—but the irreverent brunch at Bosscat Kitchen & Libations might tempt diners out anyway. In line with their over-the-top lunch and dinner selections, the fun menu includes unexpected twists on traditional dishes. Some of the inventions are ingenious combinations of favorite breakfast foods. Then, there are the Technicolor creations that would look right at home next to a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. Either way, all are sights to see. Bosscat’s brunch officially launches on Sunday, April 30.

We were invited to a preview of the new offerings. The portions are generous—large enough for easy sharing or for great leftovers that make facing down Monday a little less painful. Start off with coffee (essential) then ponder whether or not it’s too early for shots. The “Breakfast in Bed” shot ($12) is worth breaking any naysayer’s “no alcohol until noon” rule. It comes with a shot glass each of Jim Beam and orange juice with a strip of crispy bacon balanced on top. Servers give the following instructions: take a bite of bacon, followed by the shot of bourbon, then the juice, and then finish off the bacon. While we hate people telling us how to eat, this is one time when listening gets good results.

For a more traditional way of fulfilling the day-drinking excuse that brunch provides, choose from Bottomless Bloody Marys, Mimosas ($28 each and includes an entrée), White Peach Sangria ($8), Aperol Spritz ($8), or a Maple Whiskey shot ($8).

For those who can’t decide between breakfast and lunch, the sticky bun breakfast burger is just the ticket. Photo by Ellie Sharp

With drinks at-hand, tackle goodies like the sweet, cheesy and gooey Sticky Bun Breakfast Burger featuring folds of smoked ham, a duck fat-fried egg and crunchy pecans layered over a beef patty ($15); when you can’t decide whether to go with breakfast or lunch, this is the answer. It may sound dubious, but the sweetness of the sticky bun works incredibly well with the hot burger meat.

Other selections include a spicy, crispy, hash-like Chorizo and Potato Benedict ($13) in which milk biscuits are used as the base instead of traditional English muffin base. Fried chicken Hollandaise adds extra flair. Short Rib Chilaquiles ($15), prepared with corn tortillas, eggs, chiles, cheese, avocado and sour cream, comes off like an upscale Frito pie. The Meatloaf Hash + Eggs ($12) is a proper excuse to eat one of life’s best comfort foods for breakfast. Pork Belly Breakfast Tacos ($14) are tangy and balanced thanks to peppery chile verde sauce, Greek yogurt, jalapeños and avocado. It’s a good option for those who might eschew the richer dishes.

Housemade banana cream pudding and maple peanut butter will help you forget the unnatural color of these funky flapjacks. Photo by Ellie Sharp

The arrival of two particular dishes will command delight or disgust, depending on the ages and palates of those at the table. (It might also depend on how much and how hard they partied the night before, and how much they want to experience the brunch version of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.)  The “King” ($15; named for Elvis Presley, of course) is a stack of electric blue [suede] pancakes glued together with banana cream pudding, maple peanut butter and bacon crumbles. We don’t want to know how much blue food coloring went into these — but it was probably enough to make a Smurf jealous. On the other hand, if people are willing to accept red velvet cake, they should be fine with this and the goofy palette speaks to the inner kid in us all.

Less disconcerting, the Fruity PEBBLES French Toast are thick slices drenched in condensed milk glaze, accented by generous helpings of crumbled bacon and fresh blueberries, strawberries and blackberries ($14). The colorful cereal bits add not only a dose of fun, but some welcome crunchy texture as well.

Leaning towards lunch? Try the Chicken Fried Steak dosed with a generous amount of gumbo gravy ($15), the signature Bosscat Burger with bacon, cheese and black garlic sauce ($15) or the Avocado Farm Chop Salad, highlighted by heirloom tomatoes, avocado and blue cheese ($12).

Regardless of your choice of cuisine or liquid chaser, pair your picks with the spacious patios and, if the weather cooperates, enjoy steady breezes inside as well thanks to multiple retractable garage doors.

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