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Essential Dishes: Where to Eat the Best Fried Chicken in Houston

POSTED: March 1, 2019 AT 4:21 pm   /   Featured, Food Finds, Fried Chicken, Houston's Best

We continue our weekly series on Houston’s essential dishes with a look at the Bayou City’s finest fried chicken platters. If you’ve missed any of our previous stories in the series, catch up with the links below. Essential Dishes: Best Steaks in Houston Essential Dishes: Best Burgers in Houston Essential Dishes: Best Poke in Houston […]

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Essential Dishes: Where to Eat the Best Poke in Houston

POSTED: February 22, 2019 AT 3:50 pm   /   Food Finds, Houston's Best, Poke

We continue our weekly series on the dishes that define Houston’s dining scene with a more recent addition to the city’s culinary landscape — poke. Though these Hawaiian bowls of raw tuna and salmon did not grace our city’s restaurant scene until around 2016, the popularity has spread like wildfire, leading to poke shops sprouting all […]

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Essential Dishes: Where to Eat the Best Houston Burgers

POSTED: February 14, 2019 AT 10:45 am   /   Burgers, Featured, Food Finds, Houston's Best

When it comes to essential Houston dishes, few can compete with the mighty cheeseburger. Really, it’s essential to the very heart and soul of America. Biting into the perfect burger is like playing the Star-Spangled Banner on music festival speakers for your taste buds. While steaks represent quintessential Texas fine dining, burgers are an everyday […]

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Essential Dishes: Where to Eat the Best Houston Steaks

POSTED: February 7, 2019 AT 10:03 am   /   Featured, Food Finds, Houston's Best, Steakhouse

No dish more accurately reflects Houston’s guns-and-oil heritage than the almighty Texas steak. Whether pan-fried, broiled or sous vide then seared, steak represents both quintessential American fine dining and a cultural throwback to the state’s cowboy days. It is, therefore, the most fitting dish to kick off this new weekly series about Houston’s essential dishes and our […]

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The Best New Houston Restaurants of 2018

POSTED: December 21, 2018 AT 6:53 pm   /   Food Finds, Houston's Best

Every year Houston’s restaurant scene is different and 2018 was no exception. It was a year when dining quality in Houston’s suburbs really stepped up. These days, some of the best eateries in the Greater Houston area are in outlying or still-developing neighborhoods. The out-of-town restaurant chain influx continues — and considering that Houston grew […]

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