Where To Find Great, Inexpensive Wine On Tap In Houston

POSTED: May 16, 2017 AT 7:40 am   /   Wine

Kegs aren’t just for beer anymore, and the proof is in select restaurants and bars around the city proudly serving a different beverage on tap: wine. Though some may be tempted to brush off kegged wine as a trend, the market looks poised to keep growing, as eliminating bottles means less waste, lower costs, and […]

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5 Greek Wine Selections And How To Pair Each With Food

POSTED: March 30, 2017 AT 12:05 pm   /   Wine

When it comes to wine, the sentiment “it’s all Greek to me” is a good thing, especially when experts like Evan Turner of Helen Greek Food & Wine are available for guidance. Though varietals from California, Italy and France get the lion’s share of attention from American wine aficionados, bottles from the land of antiquity […]

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French Country Wines Is Celebrating A Decade Of Business With A Party

POSTED: February 16, 2017 AT 11:44 pm   /   Wine

French Country Wines at 2433 Bartlett (just off of Kirby) is celebrating their tenth anniversary on Saturday, February 18 with a party. From noon to 6 p.m., guests who visit can sample wine, cheese and crepes from Creative Crepes. The celebration will include current samples from the original four wines that customers ever tasted in the […]

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This Deal At Helen Greek Food & Wine Is A Little “Krasi”

POSTED: February 14, 2017 AT 5:31 pm   /   Wine

Anyone who talks more than 12 seconds with Evan Turner, sommelier and proprietor of Helen Greek Food and Wine, will likely learn he’s on a crusade to get the world to drink more Greek wine. If the wine sales at Helen are any indication, his efforts are having an impact. The cozy Rice Village restaurant […]

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