American Whiskey Meets Scottish Blending Know-How In Exclusive Texas Launch

POSTED: August 31, 2018 AT 8:56 am   /   Bars, Spirits

Scottish, family-owned distillery William Grant & Sons has entered a traditionally American aspect of the spirits world with a Fistful of Bourbon. It’s sourcing five straight bourbons from unnamed distilleries in the United States (five fingers equals a “handful,” get it?) then putting its experienced Scottish blenders to work on the flavor profile. Fistful is available in […]

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Houston Tiki Bar Lei Low Launches “Rum Club” Classes

POSTED: March 5, 2018 AT 3:27 pm   /   Bars, Spirits

When Russell Thoede and his wife, Liz, opened rum-soaked, tiki paradise Lei Low at 6412 North Main four years ago, they started with a collection of classic cocktails in the tradition of Trader Vic and Don the Beachcomber. Then, Thoede and his team added on their own original cocktails, all while keeping the tiki tradition alive in […]

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Texas-Made Absinthe Launches in Houston This Week

POSTED: November 16, 2017 AT 10:31 am   /   Spirits

Violet Crown Spirits has released the first Texas-made absinthe to the Houston market. Made at the new Derelict Airship Distillery in Bastrop, the product is called Emerald Absinthe and was created by former lab scientist Matthew Mancuso. Mancuso used his chemistry skills to experiment with three traditional flavor components: wormwood, aniseed and fennel. He searched for old […]

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