One Of Houston’s Best Wine Sales Is Happening At 13 Celsius

Whether stumped for gift ideas, looking for a great bargain on wines for a personal collection or just looking to treat yourself during the hectic holiday season, 13 Celsius‘ annual holiday wine sale on Saturday, December 16 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. is a can’t-miss event. It’s one of the few times of the year that one of America’s best wine bars sells bottles at retail prices to the public.

General manager Adele Corrigan says, “This year is going to bigger and better than ever. I have found some great wines that have zero retail presence and others that we’re going to sell for a ridiculously low price.”

Customers will have over two dozen wines to sample before they buy, a plus for the picky and those looking to break from their usual favorites. The free tastings include an educational component, so even if multiple bottles aren’t in the budget, it’s an excellent opportunity to understand flavor profiles and grape varietals.

Adele Corrigan
Adele Corrigan of 13 Celsius. Photo by Phaedra Cook.

We asked Corrigan for standouts to meet certain budgets, and these were her picks:

Under $20

2014 Yannick Rousseau “Son of a Butcher,” a blend of tannat, cabernet, cabernet franc and merlot from Sonoma, California. “Yannick Rousseau studied wine under several prestigious vignerons in France working with the indigenous grape, tannat, from the region of Madiran AOC before moving to California to start his own label. A fun, full bodied, red blend that will sure be a crowd pleaser. This wine has zero retail presence in Houston.” $19.

Under $50

Vazart Coquart Brut Grand Cru, Chouilly, Champagne, France, NV. “It doesn’t feel like the holidays without bubbles. This grower Champagne is from grand cru vineyards in Chouilly in the Cotes de Blanc. A careful blend of mostly chardonnay gives this champagne a complex, rich and full mouthfeel with notes of berries and marzipan. At $32, this wine is a steal! It’s a tradition with my family to only drink really good bottles of champagne on Christmas Eve, and this bottle will definitely be among the chosen ones.”

Corrigan notes that there won’t be anything over $50 at the sale, but if anyone wants a personal, private tour of the wine cellar on that day, she recommends:

Under $100

Etienne Sauzet chardonnay Pugliny-Montrachet, Burgundy, France ’15. “This is not your mother’s Chardonnay with an ice cube or two snuck into the glass. This is serious stuff. In fact, forget everything you ever thought you knew about chardonnay and drink this.” $70.

Over $100

Maynard’s 1934 Colheita Tawny Port (375ml). “People forget about port, but it is so great during the holidays to sip outside after a big meal around a chiminea in cold weather. Port is a thought-provoking beverage. When I taste this port, I can’t help but to close my eyes and go to my happy place. The finish lasts for days and days. It’s incredible that a port that is older than my grandparents is so complex and still so delicious. This would be a bottle to share with only the best of friends and family.” $350.

Weights and Measures‘ fresh-baked bread and Houston Dairymaids cheeses will be on sale as delicious wine accompaniments and gift additions.

13 Celsius, 3000 Caroline St, (713) 529-8466.

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