Owners of March and Rosie Cannonball Reveal Midcentury-Style Bar in Montrose

Dining room at The Marigold Club

Throw a few faded filters over photos of Goodnight Hospitality’s latest, London-inspired eatery The Marigold Club, located in Montrose at 2531 Kuester, and you could probably trick even the keenest eyes into believing that they were looking at a high-end midcentury supper club — the sort of spot where astronauts and titans of industry (probably oil and gas, given the whole Houston thing) mingling and discussing how they just don’t understand abstract expressionism. You can even pick up delightful yellow matchboxes as a souvenir of your visit. Although it seems like a carefully preserved cultural relic, The Marigold Club just opened on June 25 of this year.

Martinis at The Marigold Club in Houston
Martinis at The Marigold Club in Houston. Courtesy photo.

Owners June Rodil and Felipe Riccio, who also own and operate Montrose Cheese & Wine, March and Rosie Cannonball in the same cluster of buildings just off Westheimer, don’t just pay homage to the aesthetics and culinary tastes of the early Cold War decades. They almost replicate it entirely, as if they secretly set up a time machine and brought an entire club back with them. It’s an impressive feat, and, true to their previous concepts, the food and drinks match the painstakingly detailed quality of the ambience. We attended a recent media night to sample some of the drinks and light bites from the menu. 

Start off by sipping the signature, gin-based Marigold Martini or the Mayfair Martini mixed with Reyka vodka, Smogóry Forest and Carpano Dry, and finished with a sprinkle of black pepper and drizzle of olive oil. Both taste straightforward and clean, because quality ingredients speak for themselves. There’s no need to bog them down with too many mixers that cover up the flavor. 

The Pink Room at The Marigold Club. Courtesy photo.

The Marigold Club also excels at offering succulent bar snacks, like the light, crisp Ranch Saltines and housemade piccalilli (a type of relish) featuring snappy carrots, tomatoes, celery and onions pickled at the peak of freshness. It’s a great spot to pop into for a quick drink and a snack in an elegant atmosphere full of soft velvets, gently glowing pink flower lights, playful hand-painted lampshades, dark woods and soothing deep greens. If it’s available, make your way into the Pink Room for a smaller space and bar that offers a quieter, more intimate spot for unwinding. 

If you want a more leisurely, lengthy experience than just a sip and a bite, The Marigold Club can provide that as well. Seafood fans have some truly indulgent options, with a raw bar so fresh you’d be stunned to find out that the oysters were flown in from the East Coast and not harvested off the premises itself. Plump shrimp cocktail is served with a touch of lemon, Maldon Salt and chives along with the classic sauce, and the refreshingly citrusy Mussels El Ceviche come with thin-sliced jamón and aioli. 

Shrimp cocktail at The Marigold Club. Photo by Meredith Nudo.

For a real treat, choose a sample or two off the caviar menu and pair it with mini toasts and crème fraîche. 

Prefer your meat from sources that walk instead of swim? The Country Pâté, made of duck liver and pork with a touch of cherry and pistachio, is so deeply rich it only takes a few bites to feel full. Or, try the beef tartare, topped with mustard and pea flower. 

The Marigold Club occupies a wonderful and unique niche in Houston, appropriate for fans of both retro aesthetics and unfussy high-end dining. It is open Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5 to 10 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 5 to 11 p.m.

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