New Houston Coffee Shop Brings Aussie Style To The Heights

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The New York City-based, Australian-inspired coffee shop and cafe Bluestone Lane is now open in Houston at 115 West 19th Street in the Heights. Guests can find a menu of unique dishes, plus an extensive selection of coffee drinks and other beverages. Houston Food Finder was invited to meet with members of the company’s executive staff and sample many of the offerings at the cafe.

Bluestone Lane carries two coffee blends — Flagstaff and Maverick  as well as an Ethiopian single-origin and one decaf. The blends were developed with specific purposes in mind: Flagstaff is a drip and cold brew coffee, while Maverick is roasted primarily for espresso-based beverages. Flagstaff, Maverick and Ethiopian are on the milder and lighter end of the flavor spectrum, which makes them well suited for the multitude of milk-based drinks available. Guests can look forward to forthcoming bolder profiles in the near future. 

three coffee drinks
The flat white, latte and Draught Nitro Cold Brew Latte at Bluestone Lane in the Heights. Photo by Ryan Kasey Baker.

Order a variety of hot and cold drinks, each with the company’s Australian background inspiring different versions of classic drinks. The latte, for example, has a bit less steamed milk than those at most specialty shops, as well as a hefty layer of foam on top. Australia is credited with the creation of the flat white (although it is up for debate), which traditionally includes much less milk than lattes with a minuscule layer of foam. There are also cappuccinos, chai lattes, mochas and cortados (listed as “Magic” on the Bluestone Lane menu).

All of Bluestone’s hot drinks are available iced, including a few extras like a Cold Brew Float, affogato and a nitro-infused cold brew. A drink unique to the cafe is the nitro-infused cold brew on draught made with the Flagstaff blend and oat milk.

There is also a selection of teas including matcha, and trendy drinks such as the turmeric and spice-loaded Golden Latte and Cacao-Dusted Beet latte, which can be ordered “upbeet” with espresso.

The Best Mates Bowl is a hearty entrée made with a variety of vegetables, eggs and farro. Find it at Bluestone Lane in the Heights. Photo by Ryan Kasey Baker.

In addition to the beverage program, Bluestone Lane stands out with a mix of light and hearty dishes. The lion’s share of the menu belongs to “All-Day Brekkie”, or morning-style dishes. Choose from sweet and savory options such as Avocado Smash, an avocado toast with feta, tomatoes and herbs, BL Burrito stuffed with eggs, potato wedges, bacon, feta, avocado and guajillo salsa or banana bread topped with whipped ricotta, fresh berries, roasted pecans and honey. A personal favorite at the tasting was the Best Mates Bowl filled with roasted Brussels sprouts, field mushrooms, scrambled eggs, feta, baby kale, farro, pickled onions and chile flakes. Many of the dishes on the menu put an emphasis on fresh, plant-based ingredients, making them filling without becoming too calorie-dense. This is a cafe where guests are more likely to find mushrooms and farro with their eggs than sausage or bacon (the latter are available upon request).

The lunch menu adds a few more dishes, such as a warm chicken and ancient grains bowl, chicken and bacon club and the Rainbow Bowl with roasted heirloom carrots, spinach, farro, edamame, diced beet, feta, avocado, sliced red cabbage and an egg, and is topped with a chimichurri yogurt dressing.

interior of coffee shop
The interior of Bluestone Lane in the Heights is bright and cheery, with natural tones and plant accents. Courtesy photo.

Since its opening, the coffee shop has caught the attention of the neighborhood. So far, guests have consistently filled the spacious patio as well as the dedicated parking lot. The cafe uses a browser-based online ordering system in addition to table service, and guests can use their preferred method. The online system updates with each order, ensuring guests see only what is still available for the day. Even with a large and diverse food menu, as well as a good coffee menu, Bluestone Lane’s friendly and well-trained staff is the spot’s most standout feature. 

Bluestone Lane plans to open three additional Houston-area locations with sights set on Post Oak, Rice Village and The Woodlands. The Rice Village location is set to open at 2412 University in October.

The cafe is open daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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