Long-Running EaDo Bar Lucky’s Pub is Closing

Lucky’s Pub at 801 Saint Emanuel just east of downtown has long been the site of charity chili cookoffs, sports watching, personal celebrations and, most importantly, just a comfortable place for Houstonians to relax over a few beers. Unfortunately, today is its last day of business. Patrons have until 2 a.m. for one last visit.

Multiple employees have posted wistful notes on Facebook about the significance of the closing. “I spent six years working there and at multiple locations,” wrote Caryian Haines. “I made friends and family working there and have so many memories that are a part of the block. It’s crazy and something I never thought would happen anytime soon. I send my love and energy to those who are without a job after tonight.”

“Well, guys… Lucky’s Pub will be shutting its door for the last time at 2 am tonight. If your in the area , swing through and see your favorite people!!” posted Jason Pena.

A representative who responds to the company’s private Facebook messages confirmed the closing, writing, “Unfortunately we are. Today is the last day, so come see us!” The person declined to give a name, saying the owner would be asked to contact us. While that hasn’t happened, we’ll update this story should we receive any additional information about what is causing this Lucky’s Pub to shutter. The company owns another location in West Houston at 17754 Katy Freeway.

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  • July 17, 2020 at 3:46 pmChris

    The Macy’s who own this property and many others across Houston weren’t interested in giving Lucky’s Pub any type of break on their rent, knowing they weren’t making any money. The Macy’s forced at least 4 businesses to closed down only because they were interested in enriching themselves and even offering to try and help these 4 business through a really tough time. Lucky’s was told “you should have saved some money”. Everyone one knows bars are cash flow business.

    • July 17, 2020 at 3:47 pmPhaedra Cook

      If that’s the case, that’s a real shame. Lucky’s was an EaDo institution, and it’s not like any bars are making any money now. Thanks for the intel.