Greenway Coffee Owners Expand With A New Shop In Downtown Houston

Remember when the only way to get Greenway Coffee was to go to the food court underneath Greenway Plaza? We do. Fortunately since then, the Houston-based, boutique roaster has established a presence at Blacksmith and Morningstar, and is served in some of Houston’s finer restaurants. Now, David Buehrer and Ecky Prabanto’s company is expanding to a shop in downtown Houston named Prelude Coffee and Tea.

Specifically, it’s opening at the new Hines tower at 609 Main and Texas. The 48-story, 1 million-square-foot skyscraper, featuring a “crystalline” design scheme by architectural firm Pickard-Chilton, including an 11-story atrium and water feature, is slated to be ready this month. However, Prelude, designed by HOK and located on the corner of the building closest to Capitol, won’t be ready until May.

Prelude Coffee and Tea logo
The new Prelude Coffee and Tea logo by designer Pahl Samson.

A press release says, “While Greenway, Morningstar, and Blacksmith will continue with regular operations, it is beyond time that downtown workers and residents are able to experience the culture and community-building vibe a global espresso bar can offer in a shop location that is more accessible during the workweek.”

In addition to espresso drinks made with Greenway Coffee beans (with some best-in-class machines, like a La Marzocco PB Linea espresso maker, and Mahlkoenig EK and Victoria Arduino Mythos grinders), Prelude also features a matcha tea program similar to the one at Morningstar. A featured drink will be the Matcha Sua Da, a take on Vietnamese iced coffee that swaps the tea for the traditional drip coffee. Another feature being carried over from Morningstar is housemade milk alternatives (think nut milk and soy milk).

Donuts, pastries and other food items will be delivered from Morningstar to Prelude Coffee and Tea.

Prelude interior back
Rendering of Prelude Coffee and Tea view from the back of the room. Rendering by Pickard-Chilton

All in all, it sounds like the shop is going to be the most full-featured haven downtown for workers and residents, whether they’re in need of their Morning Joe or just an afternoon tea break.

Prelude Coffee and Tea will be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Keep up with their progress on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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