Brugal 1888 Rum Sets Its Sights on the Houston Spirits Scene

Brugal 1888 rum

?Qué lo que? Recently, an event at The Manor House at The Houstonian Hotel Club & Spa showcased ultra-premium double-aged Dominican rum Brugal 1888. Premium pours were flowing, and the theme of the night was friends and family. A staple in West Indian countries and in various pockets in the US, Brugal Rum is looking to stake its claim as the ultra-premium double-aged Dominican rum of choice for consumers looking for a sippable, cocktail-worthy example of the spirit. The immersive experience delved into the 130-year-old rum-making process that the Brugal family has perfected in the Dominican Republic. 

The rum goes through a double-aging process in which rich flavors of sherry, bourbon and molasses are coaxed with sugar cane — creating a smooth, complex rum. Custom barrels and casks that have been used for decades are critical to this process, where the spirit ages for 5 to 15 years. The spirit’s full-bodied yet balanced flavor comes from notes of vanilla, toffee and brown sugar rounded with cocoa and natural oak spice. 

Recently, the company has put a greater focus on sustainability by turning wastewater and vinasse, a byproduct of rum distilling, into fertilizer used by its sugar cane growers. Furthermore, Brugal Rum does not add any colors or artificial additives in its recipe, a differentiating factor that sets it apart from many other rival brands that do so to cut costs.  

Cocktails at the Casa Brugal 1888 pop-up
Cocktails at the Casa Brugal 1888 pop-up. Photo by Sean Hekmat

At the “Wonders Await” event at the La Casa Brugal pop-up, the brand gave Houstonians a snapshot of the versatility of the rum. Visitors were greeted with a tropical cocktail of Brugal 1888, coconut syrup and bitters — think a piña colada, but for grown-ups. In the barrel room, patrons were given the spirit neat, and to culminate the event, 1888 was the centerpiece of the cocktail of the moment — the espresso martini

The attention to detail in the production and smooth taste of the spirit prove that this rum deserves a spot in any liquor cabinet and bar program. The proof is in the proverbial pudding — Brugal 1888 is a crown achievement thanks to over a century of craftsmanship. 

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